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Accommodation Services

We are committed to providing quality service and support to students with disabilities. Our purpose is to remove barriers for students with disabilities to ensure equal access to educational opportunities.

Accommodations are determined on an individual basis for each student who applies for services. A conversation about your experience and expectations will help identify the information necessary to support your accommodation request.

Accommodation Services

  1. Any student who wishes to be considered for reasonable accommodations must identify to the Accommodations Office by submitting:
    • Public Accommodation Request Form.
    • Complete any current documentation relevant to the disability. Documentation can be uploaded in the above request form, faxed to (515) 574-1162 or mailed:
      • Iowa Central Community College
        Accommodations Office
        One Triton Circle
        Fort Dodge, IA 50501
    • Confidentiality: The Accommodations Office is committed to protecting the confidentiality of student records in our possession.  We retain student records in compliance with both state and federal law, in particular with the Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  1. Schedule an intake appointment to review your educational and accommodation history. If it has not been previously provided, please bring complete and current documentation relevant to the disability.
  2. A preliminary review of the student's request form, intake and documentation is completed to determine if it is appropriate and complete. If clarification and/or additional documentation are needed, the student is informed and it is his or her responsibility to provide it.
  3. When the review of the documentation is complete and an eligibility is made an Accommodation Notification letter will be sent to the student and other appropriate personnel.
  4. Each semester students must complete the Request for Semester Accommodations form in order to obtain services for that term. This form can be located by logging into your Accommodate Account through Triton Pass.
  5. If a student disagrees with the eligibility decision made by the Accommodations Office, it is recommended that the student meet with the Accommodations Coordinator to discuss his/her options and concerns.
  6. If after meeting with the Accommodations Coordinator, the student is dissatisfied with the accommodation provided by the college and/or if a student’s concern is one of perceived discrimination because of a disability, the student may use the formal complaint procedure described in the Student Handbook located on Iowa Central’s website.

Transition to College

There are some significant and important distinctions in the accommodation process for college.  Unlike high school, college students need to self-disclose their disabilities.  Reasonable and necessary accommodations are based on individual needs.  Documentation can be presented to support any disability diagnoses.  Be aware that other universities and testing agencies may have additional requirements before reasonable accommodations will be approved. 

At the beginning of each semester, students will need to meet with the Accommodations Coordinator to arrange accommodations.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Samantha Reeves
Academic Assistance and Accommodations Coordinator