Iowa Central Triton Football Raffle Results

2019 Football Raffle Results

Each week three teams scores are added together to determine the winners.

If there is a tie, the highest Team #1 score on tied tickets will determine winner. If still tied, highest Team #2 score will be used, etc...

Weekly Results Week
Week 1 Results Week 1 starting September 5th
Week 2 Results Week 2 starting September 12th
Week 3 Results Week 3 starting September 19th
Week 4 Results Week 4 starting September 26th
Week 5 Results Week 5 starting October 3rd
Week 6 Results Week 6 starting October 10th
Week 7 Results Week 7 starting October 17th
Week 8 Results Week 8 starting October 24th
Week 9 Results Week 9 starting October 31st
Week 10 Results Week 10 starting November 7th
Week 11 Results Week 11 starting November 14th
Week 12 Results Week 12 starting November 21st
Week 13 Results Week 13 starting November 28th
Week 14 Results Week 14 starting December 5th
Week 15 Results Week 15 starting December 12th
Week 16 Results Week 16 starting December 22nd
Week 17 Results Week 17 starting December 29th

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