Recent surveys of certifications and certification holders show the following.

  1. Almost 70% of employers either pay the entire cost of certification or participate in the cost of certification.
  2. Almost two-thirds of certification holders have college degrees.
  3. The average cost of one certification is close to $2,000.
  4. Over one-third of certified personnel were promoted within one year of obtaining certification.
  5. More than half of certification holders received a substantial raise within one year of obtaining their certification.
  6. The average salary increase due to one certification was close to $5,000.
  7. CompTIA’s A+, iNet+ and Network+, Security + certifications are among the top types of certifications.
  8. The average salary of a certification holder is over $55,000.

The above is just one example of the benefits of certifications. To be competitive in today’s job market, a degree is helpful but is not the all-encompassing answer that it once was. Certification is highly desired and I encourage you to include one or more certifications in your professional development plan.

Certifications that we work towards preparing you for in the Program.