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Web Technology Program
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Web Technology Program

The Web Technology program is a great opportunity to combine your artistic abilities with complex technological skills. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Web Technology provides an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of web site creation and design. This includes the use of HTML, CSS, scripting to add functionality, server-side programming to handle web forms and allow interactions with database servers, plus digital image manipulation, audio, video, and animation to enhance the appearance and effectiveness of web content. This essential knowledge is ideally suited to those designing a web presence for small organizations with the goal of offering website visitors a more professional look and feel.

Students can graduate with a diploma in Web Technology after successful completion of first and second semester. Students can continue to third and fourth semesters to complete an Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS).

The program combines skills from vital areas:

  • CSS
  • WYSIWYG web creation (Dreamweaver)
  • Scripting to add web functionality (PHP)
  • Web forms that interact with database servers (MySQL)
  • Digital image manipulation (Photoshop)
  • Vector image creation (Illustrator)
  • Audio (Premiere Pro)
  • Video (Premiere Pro)

Career Outlook

Not only will businesses and organizations need more Web pages, but they will also need better Web pages to compete with the saturated market.

Web designers make between $26,000 and $70,000. Wages will vary greatly according to markets. You'll command more money if you can integrate databases into your web pages using a dynamic programming language like PHP.

Embrace change! Anyone who is serious about a career in this field can't be afraid of change. And you can't be afraid to learn new programs, new skills, and new ways of thinking. It’s a field changing quickly and constantly.

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Potential Careers

  • Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Technology Applications Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Architect
  • Web Development Director
  • Web Design Specialist
  • Webmaster

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Jacob Zweibohmer
Program Coordinator

I love the late nights in the library studying with friends, sometimes laughing more than studying.

Ruth Chalstrom
Human Services
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