Iowa Central & Tyson: 1 + 2 Program
Tyson: 1 + 2 Program

Iowa Central & Tyson: 1 + 2 Program

Tyson Fresh Meats’ Storm Lake, Iowa, manufacturing facility is hiring for the 1 + 2 industrial maintenance training program, beginning in August 2018 at Iowa Central in Storm Lake

How does the program work?

  • Tyson Fresh Meats will hire 12 employees to enter into the 1 + 2 industrial maintenance program.
  • A part-time internship – paying up to $19.00 an hour is available to program participants.
  • Participants who successfully complete the program can earn up to $50,000 a year after 12 months.
  • Following graduation, participants can take advantage of Tyson Fresh Meats training reimbursement program and continue their education to receive an associate degree.
  • For additional information, please call Eric Mills at 712-749-5220 and ask about the 1 + 2 program.

The campus has a spectacular structure. ICCC has individual learning, as it is a school with a "smaller" number of students, the teachers give you more attention which helps you better understand the subject. The ARC helps students, as there is a reading and writing center inside, as well as tutors for general subjects.

Juliana Vidal
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