Business Law I
3 Credit Hours

This course provides an introduction to selected basic principles of law and related business law principles. The course content includes (but is not limited to) an introduction to contract law, criminal law, tort law, constitutional law, court systems, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, anti-trust law, agency law, employment law, worker protection laws, and labor law. By the end of this course the student should be able to properly apply selected legal terms in given situations, determine proper types of dispute resolution methods to be used to resolve given situations, and assess, using pertinent legal principles, selected situations for appropriate legal outcomes. This course will introduce students to critical legal thinking skills as they evaluate topics and concepts covered, and search for underlying connections between the topics/concepts. Development of such critical thinking skills should be beneficial to any sort of personal/business decision-making process. This course will also help students gain basic literacy regarding the law-related topics/concepts covered which will also be helpful when making/evaluating important life decisions.