CISCO Wide Area Networks (WAN)
3 Credit Hours

The Advanced Wide Area Networking course provides students with a comprehensive study of the differences between the following WAN services: LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN/LAPD, HDLC, PPP, and DDR. Students will learn to configure the routers to implement Frame Relay LMIs, maps, and sub-interfaces. Identify PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers. Students will identify ISDN protocols, function groups, reference points, and channels. This course will help students refine their critical thinking skills as they evaluate various technology topics and concepts while searching for underlying connections between the technology and how to apply those concepts in a lab setting, which is a skill that should be beneficial in any/all types of technology careers. This course will also help students gain hands-on technology literacy which will be of vital significance when making important work-related decisions.