Photography IV
3 Credit Hours

Students will continue to hone the photography skills developed in PHT-189 - Photography III. Technical proficiency with camera functions, composition skills, and posing techniques will be increased. Students will master advanced studio lighting techniques, which includes studio and portable lighting equipment and the use of mixed natural and man-made light. Photography projects and sketchbook assignments will encourage the development of a personal visual style. Students will explore the work of both historical and contemporary photographers. This course introduces historical and alternative photographic processes used in both the fine art and commercial world. Projects involving abstraction and character-portraits allow the student to creatively refine fundamental photography techniques. Via self- and class critiques, students will evaluate their own work and that of their peers. Participation in the student photography show is required. This course helps students build confidence in their visual communication skills while also enabling them to think critically, consider the viewpoints of others, and effectively express themselves, all of which will benefit them in the classroom, in life, and in the workforce.