Psychology of Human Relations
3 Credit Hours

This course is an exploration of the psychology of human relationships and is designed to expose students to the fundamental theories underlaying relationships and facilitate a greater understanding in how these theories can be applied to relationships. This course will cover a variety of topics including the social, emotional, and biological bases of physical attraction and love; formation and dissolution of relationships; patterns of interaction within relationships; the social context of relationships; and satisfaction within relationships. Emphasis will be given to mate selection; kinship, friendship and enemyship; jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness; communication, conflict and aggression; and the processes involved in relationship collapse and restoration. Developing a basic understanding of human relations can help you understand yourself as well as those with whom you share relationships. The Psychology of Human Relations is a popular elective for many students who are pursuing an associate of arts degree. Potential careers include coaching, teaching, counseling, and human resources.