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Last updated 8/21/2020 @ 9:30am

Triton Family,

Well, we are off and going for the academic year. I want to take this time to Thank You for all you are doing keeping our family safe. You might have seen that many colleges are reversing their decisions and are moving students off campus to go completely remote. If we continue with how we are conducting business we will not have to do that. Please continue to wear your face covering when you can not properly social distance, stay home or in your residential hall when you aren't feeling well, and stay away from large group gatherings. If you do your part, we will be able to have a successful year. If you are a housing student that was tested for COVID-19 when you came on campus and have not heard from the college nurse, that means you tested negative. If you would have tested positive the college nurse would have already contacted you. But, because you tested positive doesn't give you go ahead to start doing things in a large group. Continue to practice proper social distancing. If the administration does find you that you are not following our guidelines it will result in your dismissal from the college. Attached is the updated policy, so take a minute to review.

Go Tritons and Mask Up!

Dr. Dan Kinney President
Iowa Central Community College

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