I.C. Green Club at Iowa Central
I.C. Green Club

I.C. Green Club

What is I.C. Green?

We are a group of faculty and students who joined together in the Fall of 2008 to help Iowa Central Community College and the Fort Dodge area become more environmentally friendly.  We welcome any students who are interested in the following: making our campus more “green,” participating in outdoor activities, providing environmental education, finding ways to use sustainable energy, and other environmental activities.

Ideas that we could use some help with

I.C. Green ClubIdeas generated to make our campus "green":

  • Signs to remind everyone to turn off lights when leaving rooms
  • Paint our recycling dumpster
  • Install Watt-Meisers on pop machines to reduce energy use (Watt-Meisers prevent the cooling system from running when it is not needed)
  • Attend a board meeting and the Fort Dodge city council to introduce our new club and ask for funds to help implement recycling

Ideas of ways to raise money for I.C. Green:

  • Setting up a baked goods & coffee table in the Science building
  • Selling glow-in-the-dark bracelets, reusable coffee mugs, and T-shirts
  • And everyone's favorite: Hosting a car smashing event (tickets will be sold for people to hit an old car with a backhoe; the car will be recycled after it's smashed)

Ideas for upcoming outdoor events:

  • Owl Prowl (night hike)
  • Hike at Ledges State Park (near Boone)

Mission Statement

Through promoting education and awareness, advocating sustainable development, and introducing students to outdoor activities, the I.C. Green Club seeks to establish Iowa Central Community College as an environmentally positive example for the benefit of the college itself, the greater Fort Dodge community, and the world at large.


  • Reduce the carbon footprint of Iowa Central Community College
  • Promote appreciation for the environment
  • Create awareness about environmental issues through education


  • Organize campus and community activities that involve environmental awareness
  • Educate the campus and larger community about waste reduction
  • Cultivate and implement ideas to reduce waste
  • Facilitate outdoor activities that pair learning and socializing

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