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Institutional effectiveness identifies the methods that an institution is using to measure performance against mission. The purpose of this institutional effectiveness plan is to demonstrate continual efforts and improvement in student learning, educational programs, and support services. Institutional effectiveness has been defined as ongoing assessment and evaluation through measurement, working to identify if the institution is meeting the identified goals and mission. This plan provides a set of ongoing, systematic practices and processes that incorporate planning, evaluation, outcome measurement, and the use of assessment and data results to help our institution make data-based decisions. Each of these items are accomplished with the intent of improving our services, programs, and student success.

The process of developing the Institutional Effectiveness plan involved the work of the Institutional Effectiveness Executive Director and the Cabinet. With input from stakeholders, this group of individuals work together to ensure the Institutional Effectiveness plan is aligned with the institutional mission, Strategic Plan, Strategic Enrollment Plan, and the assessment project “Infusing Student Learning in Everything”. The goal of the Institutional Effectiveness plan is to provide substantial data to initiate and facilitate change here at Iowa Central Community College. The purpose of the plan is to provide guidance for all stakeholders in terms of planning, assessment, continuous improvement, and strategic planning. Driven by the work of the Strategic Plan, Strategic Enrollment Plan, the institutional mission, and the assessment project, the Institutional Effectiveness plan was implemented in the Fall of 2015. With the coordination of the Institutional Effectiveness Executive Director, the different components of the plan were implemented and data collection began.

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