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Today’s world is driven by design.  Everything we use is someone’s idea brought to life. Between the idea and the product is the technician. These technicians are people who are skilled at using technology to take an idea and make it real. It could be a blueprint, a 3-d model, a prototype, or any kind of imagery that helps people better understand what the idea is, and the potential that it has.

Iowa Central’s Engineering and Design Technology program will give you the basic foundation you need to be a valued asset in the world of manufacturing. You will enjoy courses that will develop your skills in creating the images, the models, and the prints that engineers and designers need to make their ideas come to life. You will also learn the basic fundamentals of mechanical design and manufacturing that will allow you to understand the language and concepts of today’s workplace. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the world is waiting for all the things you have to say.

The Engineering & Design Technology program provides students with technical training needed to enter the various fields of computer aided drafting and design. The focus of the program is to give students experience in developing media to industry standards using computers. Included are drafting fundamentals & techniques, software applications, math and communication skills, and object representation using 2-D and 3-D principles. The diploma program is 38 weeks in length. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a diploma in Engineering & Design Technology. Students may continue to third and fourth semesters to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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I found a program at Iowa Central that fit exactly what I was looking to do for a career.

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Engineering & Design Technology
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