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The Digital Arts program at Iowa Central prepares students for a wide range of exciting, distinguished careers as creative, innovative leaders in emerging industries. Working at the intersection of technology, culture, and society, this program exposes students to new media and methods of digital creation, including 2D/3D graphics, photography, video, sound production, coding, interactive design, and mass media writing. The program provides the knowledge and experiences required for creating innovative visual communication projects that are technically sound, conceptually rich, visually powerful, and meet industry standards. Students combine artistic abilities with complex technological skills to craft expressive and intelligent stories, messages, and graphics, while developing a unique voice for digital content and social media.

Focus is placed on building a strong foundation of these skills, knowledge, and artistic vision in a variety of traditional, modern, and emerging technologies, while also stressing creative intelligence, positive work habits, and the development of an authentic personal brand. Students will also utilize a wide range of business and marketing strategies, helping them to set and achieve their career goals. Along their learning pathway, students will engage in an intense and practical blend of classroom studies and hands-on experiences, collaborating with fellow students and industry professionals through work-based learning, gaining valuable experience and networking opportunities. Upon completion of this program, graduates can expect employment opportunities in today's ever-changing and in-demand digital arts industry.

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Tori Tomke (Advisor)
Jennifer Condon (Dean)

At Iowa Central the professors focus on the success of the students, and with small class sizes it makes interaction with the professors easier. You are not just some random number in a class at Iowa Central. The teachers are always available and can respond to any question you may have in a timely manner.

Dalton Baker
Elementary Education
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