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Digital Media Production

Digital Media Production will prepare students for a field that is new, exciting, and evolving; and it's impossible to define or set bounds for it because your emphasis in digital communications and media will be largely defined by your own ideas and experiments. In this field, you'll train to create, and use technologies used by consumers now and adapt to those used in the future. In our Digital Media Production program, you will develop a range of digital competencies, from research and content creation to assessment and channel development (YouTube, Twitter, website content creator, TikTok, Snapchat).

To pursue a career in the different fields of communications and media production you will need both new skills and hands-on experience in applying them. At Iowa Central you will receive both in many different digital channels such as social media, websites, mobile, etc.

You will get the experience of working in a real-life newsroom with our student-run Triton Media and cover stories happening on campus and in the community using state of the art technology. You will also help in developing content for the Triton Media website and social media sites. Podcasts, News Anchors/ Reporters, writers, content creators, social media editors are just a few of the positions that you could hold when attending the Iowa Central Community College Digital Media Production program.

When a field is rapidly expanding like multimedia, the careers are endless and very competitive. Iowa Central will set you apart from the rest because you will graduate with experience through internships, networking with professionals in the field and a strong online portfolio. The Digital Media Production program is designed to meet real-world demands.

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Possible Careers

  • Social Media Content Specialist
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Digital Content Specialists
  • Reporters & Correspondent
  • Photographer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Photo Journal & Visual Communications
  • Editor
  • Copy Editor
  • Blogger
  • Media and Communication Worker
  • Creative Arts Director
  • Public Information Officer

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