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Education - Early Childhood

An early childhood caregiver is knowledgeable in the growth and development of infants and toddlers, as well as young children, allowing opportunities and experiences for infants and young children that will allow for them to navigate the world around them and move to new levels of thinking and understanding about themselves. This program provides students to learn and apply the challenging responsibility to set up a supportive environment for a group of toddlers or preschoolers, develop a relationship with each one, and meet their needs as individuals and as a group is a core understanding in early childhood. Children's learning experiences during this period in their lives allow for successful outcomes later in life.

Iowa Central's Early Childhood Education program is designed for students planning to work with children in a preschool, infant/toddler, family, day care, or home visitor setting. It is a one-year diploma with the option of obtaining Paraeducator certification with three additional courses.

Possible Careers

  • AEA Staff Member
  • Child Care Workers
  • Pre-School Teachers
  • Head Start Workers
  • Home Visitation Workers

Course Schedule

More Information

The coursework in Iowa Central’s Early Childhood Education Program is based primarily on eight major subject areas as stipulated by the Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program: (1) planning a safe, healthy learning environment; (2) steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development; (3) positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development; (4) strategies to establish productive relationships with families; (5) Strategies to manage an effective program operation; (6) maintaining a commitment to professionalism; (7) observing and recording children’s behavior, and (8) principles of child growth and development.


Joshua Howell


Jennifer Condon (Dean)