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Iowa Central Selected by Intel to Test New Technology

    by Neil Peterson
    Posted on 3/14/2014

Intel Corporation has selected Iowa Central Community College as one of their worldwide sites for testing the new Galileo board technology.  Intel has donated 5 of the boards to the Engineering & Design Technology Program for research and development.  The Galileo boards will be used in future technology development by Intel in such areas as small robotics, wearable electronics, and the Internet of Things. 

As part of the research, Engineering & Design Technologies students will develop and test original programming in the lab and supply the results to Intel.  EDT coordinator Neil Peterson explained the significance of the donation.  “Intel has shown it is very serious in advancing technology in these areas with the new boards.  Even though major research universities were invited as part of the effort, Intel has shown by their selection and donation that they recognize that Iowa Central has the ability and facilities to be a valuable partner in technology research.  It is a great honor for Iowa Central Community College.  The award shows that Intel recognizes the College is innovative in its approach to technology and education.”

The students will use the boards as part of their research and study in the Applied Logical Processes course.  “The course focuses on the ways we solve problems in engineering,” Peterson said.  “Students use robotics technology to develop and test solutions by planning, assembling, and programming their projects.  The Galileo boards will become part of the work they do in advanced logic in the latter part of the course.”

Iowa Central wishes to thank Intel Corporation for the donation of the Galileo boards which will allow students to work with the newest technology.