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Students Interview Friendship Haven Residents

    by Kelli Bloomquist
    Posted on 9/26/2014

Journalism and Digital Mass Communications students have been honing their interviewing and feature writing skills in News Writing (JOU-121) class, and on Thursday, they put those skills to the test by interviewing residents of nearby Friendship Haven.

Each student was paired with a resident from Friendship Haven and then interviewed them about their life experiences. Students will then take the information gleaned from their interview to craft a personal feature story on each resident.

“This was a fantastic experience for my students,” said Kelli Bloomquist, Coordinator of the Digital Mass Communications program. “They were able to practice their interviewing and writing skills that we’ve been working on in class and put them to use in a safe environment. The residents at Friendship Haven were very generous and patient with my students and that put everyone at ease. For many students, this was their first interview outside of their peer group.”

The personal feature stories about the residents at Friendship Haven will be published in the upcoming October 7 edition of The Collegian, Iowa Central’s student newspaper.