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Virtual Commencement Honors 2021 Graduates

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 5/21/2021

Over 1,000 students will leave Iowa Central after this school year as graduates.

Many of those students came together virtually for the 54th annual commencement ceremony to honor their work towards degrees in a number of areas.

Putting the entire event together did not go unnoticed by Ruth Chalstrom, one of the speakers during the commencement as the Iowa Central class president.

“Thank you, Iowa Central administration for showing just how strong Iowa Central is with your great leadership through this difficult time,” Chalstrom said. “You have given students the best education despite the obstacles. And thank you, instructors. This has been a weird year for learning, but it has also been a weird year for teaching. Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your dedication to Iowa Central students.

“Thank you, everyone, at Iowa Central for your hard work.”

Gabrielle Hackley, another graduate to speak, noted that Iowa Central brings people together from all walks of life under the Triton Nation banner.

“No matter what brought you to Iowa Central, whether you came here to play a sport, perfect your skill of art or you came here as this was the perfect place for you, we are all leaving as new individuals who are ready to continue to be a world-changer,” she said. “I transferred to Iowa Central Community College after the fall semester of my freshman year. I honestly had no idea what was in store for me and the opportunities that I would create for myself while here. Looking back on the three short but outstanding semesters that I had at Iowa Central, I am proud of my growth as an individual and the ways that I have expanded my knowledge.

“When I first stepped onto the Iowa Central campus to set up my schedule, my advisor, Kylia Doyle was so welcoming and enthusiastic about what she does. She helped introduce me to Triton Nation and made me feel welcomed right from the start. I believe that Kylia reflects the faculty and staff of Iowa Central Community College as there are so many individuals that love helping their students and go out of their way to form a positive relationship with everyone in their classroom.”

James Roetman, the CEO of Pocahontas Community Hospital and a former 1992 graduate of Iowa Central himself, noted the incredible growth the school has witnessed since his time on campus.

“Enrollment was approximately 2,200 students (in 1992),” Roetman said. “I found it quite amazing that in 2021, enrollment at Iowa Central had grown to almost 5,000 students.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who had a part in the transition that has taken place in making Iowa Central the community college it is today; a college that I can say I am proud to be a graduate of.”

Under the direction of Will Lopes, Director of Vocal Music,, the Iowa Central Vocal Jazz Ensemble sang the National Anthem and The Triton Singers performed “Thankful.” Paul Bloomquist, Director of Instrumental Music, directed performances of “Pomp and Circumstance” and “We Stand United.”

Mike Richards, an associate instructor of agriculture technology, and Laurie Sharpe, a custodian, were presented with the Golden Triton Award, which goes to one faculty member and one staff member for excellent service to the students, as selected by the students.

The 54th Annual Iowa Central Commencement Ceremony can be viewed online via YouTube by searching IowaCentralCC.

Virtual Commencement Honors 2021 Graduates

I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends and hanging out with them from other states or countries that come and learn at Iowa Central.

Ian Oliver
Criminal Justice
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