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Students enjoy several exciting events during the first weeks of classes

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 8/27/2021

Sights and sounds around the first few weeks of classes at Iowa Central returned to a sense of normalcy this fall.

The Iowa Central Student Activities Team once again brought excitement to campus with a series of events centered around welcoming students and helping them adjust to college and meet new people.

Members of the Iowa Central staff helped welcome back students on the first day of classes, greeting them at several spots around campus with breakfast items while also assisting with directions to classes.

“One of the great traditions at Iowa Central has been our long-standing tradition of providing a long list of activities, especially in the first two weeks,” said Dr. Tom Beneke, Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Development. “The mindset is simply this: we want to do all we can to engage our students as they start their college career. Research will tell you that the retention of students is critical, especially in the first two weeks.

“At Iowa Central, we provide an activity each night so students have something to do instead of sitting in their dorm room, becoming homesick or disgruntled about being away from home.”

An all-campus hog roast took place that evening inside the Triton Cafe with activities and games outside. Bingo and pizza, back to school bash at Fort Frenzy, movie and bowling, exotic animal day, hypnotist Dr. Jim Wand, Community Welcome Back with area businesses, an outdoor movie in the courtyard and intramurals are all part of the welcoming celebration.

“We are looking forward to a great semester,” said Brandon Bush, Assistant Director of Student Life at Iowa Central. “It’s amazing to see all of the students back on campus enjoying the different aspects of the college experience.

“In student life, we want to make sure we provide a broad selection of activities, events and programs to make sure our students get the best experience we can offer. It’s so important to get involved on campus as it makes for a great overall experience.

“We will continue to provide different opportunities for our students all year and are excited about the semester.”

Students enjoy several exciting events during the first weeks of classes

Iowa Central gave me the opportunity to do both things I wanted for myself. To major in dental hygiene and play soccer.

Magley Orellana
Dental Hygiene
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