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The Will to overcome: Ogden native ready to shine on big stage

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 9/9/2021

Like so many, Mason Will experienced heartache and loss during the COVID pandemic.

But the Iowa Central student is planning on doing all he can to both honor and remember those he lost during the past year-plus.

Will is part of the cast for the play Who’s Dying to be a Millionaire, which will be directed by Teresa Jackson and the Iowa Central music and theatre department. The show will be held October 6-9 at various times.

A graduate of Ogden High School, Will is already enjoying all that Iowa Central has to offer after going through a pandemic-experienced first year.

“I lost many family members to the virus within just that one year of destruction,” Will said. “Going through COVID last year was tough. School compared to last year with this year is already so much different.

“I actually get to see teachers in person and not on a zoom call more than one time per week. I am just very thankful for the people that stuck through all of the chaos with me and for the people that I lost to the virus, I do think under the impression that they are still watching me every step of every day and guiding me through this thing we call life.”

Will will be playing the role of the small-town sheriff for the show. While at Ogden, he was cast in lead roles for Addams Family as Puygsley, Barfee in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and had 10 different parts in Les Miserables as a senior.

He was in the Solos Productions last year at Iowa Central under Jackson, which he says is “definitely one of my favorites.”

For Will, the decision to attend Iowa Central has helped open his eyes to new and exciting adventures and people.

“Getting to meet new people and see all of the different cultures within Iowa Central and Fort Dodge as a whole is just breathtaking,” Will said. “Where I am from, we are all stereotypical Iowans with not much diversity throughout people at all.

“Moving here and seeing everything just blows my mind and getting to make friends that could last a lifetime within these productions is just amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better director in Teresa Jackson. She is the bomb dot com let me tell you what.”

As for his first appearance on the big stage of Iowa Central, Will admits some nerves “not because I’m not prepared, but more of the fact that this is my first big performance in front of an Iowa Central crowd.”

“I am so ready to get back on stage in front of people,” he said. “And just get to put myself out there in front of a packed house once again.”

Will is also part of the Iowa Central bowling team.

The Will to overcome: Ogden native ready to shine on big stage

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