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Hindt finding comfort in staying close to home at Iowa Central

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 9/28/2021

For Jonah Hindt, the opportunity to be involved while staying in his hometown made attending Iowa Central an easy decision.

Hindt, a St. Edmond High School graduate, is part of the upcoming show Who’s Dying to be a Millionaire, which will take to the Decker Auditorium stage in October. He will play the role of the game show host.

“I would say it’s nice being able to stay home but still be involved,” Hindt said, “because it gives me time to really focus, see my schedule and be able to plan things out accordingly, as well as keep me prepared for my next activity or commitment.”

Hindt will be joined by 39 other Iowa Central students to comprise the cast, with Teresa Jackson serving as the director. Shows are planned for October 6-9.

In his second year at Iowa Central, Hindt was left dealing with the pandemic last year as he navigated through college.

“It was very tough,” he said. “Obviously, social interaction was not encouraged and having that coming into my first year of college made things extra stressful. So this year, I am very grateful those times are behind us, at the moment, and I will take advantage of what’s offered to me to make this school year a great year.”

Despite that, Hindt, who performed as the Tin Man in St. Edmond’s rendition of Wizard of Oz as a junior, was able to be part of the Solos production put on by Iowa Central last year.

“It was one of my most memorable performing arts moments,” Hindt said. “I was part of the production and on the day I was scheduled to record my part of the show, I remember arriving early and seeing Teresa Jackson work with another student on her recording. I stood backstage in the dark. The only lights in the auditorium were shining on the performer as she flowed through her scene. 

“I couldn't help but watch in awe as Teresa and the student worked together to make an amazing scene. It was an incredible experience and something I will not soon forget.”

Hindt added that he is “very excited for live performances this year. It will be a great experience because now it’s open to the public and live audiences.”

The show is a comedy/mystery that revolves around the “hottest game show in town,” which travels across the country and pulls in people off the street to compete for $1 million. There is a twist right off the bat that takes things in a different direction from the real game show called Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Hindt finding comfort in staying close to home at Iowa Central

I love the late nights in the library studying with friends, sometimes laughing more than studying.

Ruth Chalstrom
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