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Winter Student Art Show Results

    by Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office
    Posted on 12/12/2022

The Iowa Central Art, Design and Photography Programs held their annual student art show on Thursday December 8. The show was juried by local artist Angela Ayala, Art Educator and Assistant Director of the Blanden Memorial Art Museum in Fort Dodge. Students were awarded recognition in the following categories: Administrator’s Awards – selected by Dean Jennifer Condon, President Dr. Jesse Ulrich and Vice President of Instruction Dr. Stacy Mentzer; Commercial Photography, 2-D Design, Drawing and Graphic Arts. Best of show and three People’s Choice Awards were also presented.

Administrator Awards

Dean Jennifer Condon: Caleb Nadig (untitled 2-D Design featuring a Christmas collage)

Vice President of Instruction Dr. Stacy Mentzer: Andrea Wredt Fine Art Photography “Details Bug Me”

President Dr. Jeese Ulrich: Sadie Reedy, Drawing, Landscape of Greehey Student Services Building


Juror Awards, Fine Art Photography

Honorable Mention: Andrea Wredt, “Details Bug Me”

Second Place: Chloe Kovacs

First Place: Madison Vinchattle “Blur of Little Red”


Juror Awards, Commercial Photography

Honorable Mention: Nathan Cabrera, “Kick Off”

Second Place: Abbie Burger, “Chocolatey Chip Muffins”

First Place: Sean Folarin, “The Bridge”


Juror Awards, 2-D Design

Honorable Mention: Katie Schlosser “Gelli Print Collage”

Second Place: Jocelyn Walters “Digital Anxiety”

Frist Place: Caleb Nadig  


Juror Awards, Drawing

Honorable Mention: Annastacia Iverson, “Vibrant Infatuation”

Second Place: Sadie Reedy, Landscape of Greehey Student Services Building

First Place: Deni McDaniel, ARC Building


Best Of Show Award: Nicole Miller, “Desert Tour”

People’s Choice Award

Hailey Hepperly, “Northern Cowgirl”

Katie Schlosser

Deni McDaniel, Drawing of ARC Building






Winter Student Art Show Results

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