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Anatomage Tables Bring Interactive Learning to Science Departments

    by Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office
    Posted on 6/27/2023

 A new technological device is transforming the way students enrolled in science courses at Iowa Central Community College engage in hands-on learning.

 Anatomage tables, which offer some of the world’s most accurate models of anatomical structures, are the first of their kind among schools in the State of Iowa.  Purchased with federal funding, the interactive tables will give students more access to high tech and hands-on learning.

The tables arrived on campus in early June and students in Beth Collins’ Human Anatomy and Physiology classes got right to work using them in their lectures and labs.

“This absolutely changes the way we will be able to do labs and hands-on teaching,” said Collins, coordinator of the Iowa Central Science Department. “The Anatomage allows us to see and highlight the different systems of the body in detail.”

The models projected on the Anatomage screens are from the bodies of actual cadavers and provide life-sized images of human bodies of different genders, races and ages.

“Unlike skeletons, the Anatomage is interactive,” said Dr. Stacy Mentzer, vice president of instruction. “It gives a standing image of the body and can be layered to see one system at a time.”

“This allows us to see and highlight one system at a time,” said Collins. “Our students can go through and identify different vessels and systems that maybe they could not locate before. They can look at a body and peel back layers on a touch screen to see and learn one system at a time.”

Mia Kerns, a pre-nursing student, appreciated that feature.

“As a visual learner, it helped me to see all of the different parts of the body; and what you cannot identify, it will show you,” said Kerns.

“The different tools allow us to teach in different ways,” said Collins. “Every student learns in a different way, and we can teach them in the ways that they learn.”

Interactive features on the device allow instructors to customize lessons as well as use pre-loaded curriculum. The Anatomage also features interactive learning games and quizzes.

“It’s fun to use,” said pre-nursing student Ailed Cancilo. “It is an entertaining way to learn, but it also gives you a better perspective of the body and how to learn the different systems.”

Iowa Central presently has four Anatomage tables; three are located around the Fort Dodge Campus, one in Webster City and  future plans are to bring one to the Storm Lake Campus.




Anatomage Tables Bring Interactive Learning to Science Departments

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