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Maguire Recognized as MLT Outstanding Teaching Tech

    by Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office
    Posted on 6/29/2023

The 2023 graduating class of the Iowa Central Community College Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program honored an outstanding teacher with the 2023 Outstanding Teaching Tech Award.

The award was created in 2022 to give students an opportunity to recognize and nominate a teaching tech who had a strong, positive impact on their clinical experience. Students submitted their nominations, and the winner was selected by a panel of unbiased Iowa Central faculty and staff. The award is presented to a tech who always goes the extra mile for students to get the best clinical and educational experience.

This year’s recipient was Jennifer Maguire, a medical laboratory scientist at Trinity Regional Medical Center in Fort Dodge.

Chloe Hicks, one of Maguire’s nominators said “I feel like Jenni meets the description of the Outstanding Teaching Tech Award. Jenni always talked me through everything, whether it be verbally or hands on. She always knew what my comfort level was and strived to push me beyond that level so that I could become a better student and future tech.”

“Jenni from Trinity fits the description of Outstanding Teaching Tech,” said nominator Teal Carpenter. “She takes time to explain things in great detail, she would take time to explain how something is done and why it is done. Even on a different rotation, I’ve still been able to get assistance on homework, some good job searching information and more from her. Jenni is kind and patient and I feel comfortable asking her questions. I have learned so much from her.”

Maguire Recognized as MLT Outstanding Teaching Tech

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