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Miss Iowa Visits Campus

    by Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office
    Posted on 9/20/2023

Miss Iowa 2023 Alysa Goethe has a goal of visiting each of Iowa’s 99 counties at least once during her reign.

As part of a visit to Webster County and her promotion of scholarship, Goethe spent a few hours on the Iowa Central Campus Tuesday afternoon, September 19.

“I’ve been promoting the aspect of scholarship,” said Goethe. “Through Miss Iowa I have received scholarships that have helped with my education, and I want to highlight ways that students can use different scholarships while staying in Iowa.”

Goethe met with Iowa Central President Jesse Ulrich, foundation and marketing staff and a group of five student ambassadors.

Goethe visited with the group of students and talked with them about what they like about Iowa Central as they shared their experiences on what drew them to Iowa Central; campus traditions, activities and overall campus life.

Following time with students, Goethe toured the campus.

“I want to be able to promote Iowa’s higher education institutions,” said Goethe. “Seeing campuses in person is a great way to do that.”

Goethe said she was impressed with the community and the support they have for Iowa Central.

“One thing I have noticed is the community support and the excitement they seem to have for Iowa Central.”


Miss Iowa Visits Campus

The campus has a spectacular structure. ICCC has individual learning, as it is a school with a "smaller" number of students, the teachers give you more attention which helps you better understand the subject. The ARC helps students, as there is a reading and writing center inside, as well as tutors for general subjects.

Juliana Vidal
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