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Fall 2023 LPN Graduates Honored at Pinning Ceremony

    Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office

Iowa Central Community College honored fall 2023 Practical Nursing graduates with a pinning ceremony on Wednesday evening, December 20 at the Bioscience and Health Sciences Building auditorium on the Iowa Central campus.

Dakota Sindlinger and Shelvee’ Keller presented the student address.

Keller congratulated her classmates and reflected on the perseverance it takes to complete nursing school.

“Whether you plan to continue for your RN, plan to be an LPN, or plan to keep progressing in your career, your accomplishment is nothing short of amazing and your success has just been achieved,” Keller said.

Keller said her classmates became more like family as they worked, studied, and shared laughter and tears along their way.

“When I first started nursing school, I knew I would meet new people and make new friends,” she said. “I did not realize you would become more than that; we have now become more like a family. We have all put so much time, effort, sweat and I know some tears, into nursing school. It is challenging, but we did it. We finished it and we have succeeded.”

Sindlinger also reflected on the journey, thanking classmates for being a team who contributed to each other's success.

“We all started this with the same end goal: becoming nurses,” she said. “Allowing encouragement and support to one another helped to continue even when times got hard. There have been bonds made with people that you will never forget and experiences that you may want to forget but they will stick with you forever. Thank you all for contributing to each other's success.”

Nursing instructors Christel Becker, Sara Carlson, Betty Daniel, Abbey Devers, Christina Foth, Amanda Johnson, Carrie Kephart, Jennifer Leffler, Stacey Poldervaart, and Joleen Sernett conducted the conferring of pins to the graduates.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the 20 graduates recited the Nightingale Pledge.

Fall 2023 Practical Nursing graduates are: Dayma Alexander, Windsor Heights;  Maura Beecher, Eagle Grove; Faith Cheruto, Fort Dodge;  Tanya Flaherty, Boone;  Caley Hager, Humboldt;  Antonio Hildreth, Rockwell City;  Shelvee’ Keller, Denham Springs, LA; Keagan King, Lytton;  Haylee Kraft, Gowrie;  Kylee Lorton, Fonda;  Sheilah Matonda, Fort Dodge;  Rachel Murtha, Dakota City;  Doreen Nyamweya, Fort Dodge; Morgan Olson, Humboldt; Melissa Quevedo, Perry;  Olivia Santana-Bass, Fort Dodge;  Dakotah Sindinger, Gowrie;  Madelyn Sweeney, Fort Dodge; Erin VanQuathem, Fort Dodge; and Erika Velarde, Harcourt.



Fall 2023 LPN Graduates Honored at Pinning Ceremony

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