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Now is the Time to Apply for Iowa Central Scholarships!

    Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office

Iowa Central Community College has one common goal for its students: to have them complete their degrees or certifications in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least amount of student loan debt, so that they can have a better life.

Along with more than 100 degrees and certifications to choose from, Iowa Central offers multiple scholarship opportunities to assist students in meeting the financial needs of attending college.

The Iowa Central Community College Foundation oversees nearly 100 scholarships to financially assist students. These scholarships are made possible by donations from various businesses, organizations, and individuals. Foundation scholarships may be based on need or specified donor criteria. For more information on Iowa Central Foundation Scholarships or to apply online see on the Iowa Central website. To be considered for Foundation Scholarships, applications must be received by March 31, 2024.

A wide variety of general scholarships are available to both traditional and non-traditional students attending Iowa Central.  These include academic, housing, departmental and activity scholarships.

Various academic scholarships are available through the Admissions Department. Valedictorians from Iowa high schools who attend Iowa Central are awarded a full-tuition scholarship with proof of class rank and grade point average (GPA). Salutatorians are awarded $3,000 and academic scholarships of $800 are awarded to high school graduates with a 3.75 or above GPA and $600 for graduates who attained a 3.74-3.25 GPA. Housing scholarships are available to resident students from Iowa in the amount of $1,000 for valedictorians, $800 for salutatorians, $400 for students with a 3.75 or above GPA and $300 for students with a GPA of 3.74-3.25. Housing and academic scholarships are renewable for a second year if students meet the requirements.

Departmental Scholarships are available to traditional and non-traditional students enrolled in business, education, psychology, health sciences, industrial technology, language arts and humanities, math, science and social sciences. Departmental scholarship amounts may be determined by a student’s academic adviser.

Academic Foundation Industrial Technology Scholarships are available in the amount of $250 for students enrolled in Iowa Central Industrial Technology programs maintaining a GPA of 2.5-3.24

Activity scholarships are available for art, dance, newspaper, vocal and instrumental music, drama/theater, student ambassador/student government and athletics. Activity scholarship amounts may vary based on program and department.

 A large variety of external scholarships are also available for traditional and non-traditional students.  Links to the scholarships with application requirements and application forms can be found on under the scholarships tab on Financial Aid Department website at

For more information on Iowa Central, enrollment, to apply or schedule a campus visit contact the Iowa Central Admissions Department by phone at 1-800-362-2793 or schedule a visit online via the Iowa Central Admissions website at







Now is the Time to Apply for Iowa Central Scholarships!

I chose Iowa Central because of the low cost of tuition and it was close to home.

Yaramy Hernandez Marin
Elementary Education/Psychology
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