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Seven New Programs to Debut in Fall 2024

    Emilie Jenson, Public Information Office

 Iowa Central Community College will bring seven new academic programs to the school beginning with the fall 2024 semester.

The programs, which include computer networking technology, dental assisting, diagnostic medical sonography, information and cybersecurity, plumbing, veterinary technician/assistant and cosmetology, will equip students with the necessary skills and education to help meet employment needs in the fields both in the local workforce and around the country.

“Iowa Central takes great pride in serving our nine-county region and assisting in meeting their workforce needs,” said Iowa Central President Dr. Jesse Ulrich. “All of these programs are high-need and in-demand jobs for our region. This will allow Iowa Central to offer more programs of interest for our students as well as meeting the needs of our workforce.”

 Programs such as medical sonography and dental assisting are extensions of Iowa Central’s Radiologic Technology and Dental Hygiene programs.

Sonography, a two-year program, will allow students to expand their skills in the radiologic field. Students who enroll in Sonography must first complete a Radiologic Technology program.

“Area hospitals came to us and have said there is such a shortage of ultrasound technician; that it is a very needed position in the medical field,” said Dr. Stacy Mentzer, vice president of instruction at Iowa Central. “This program will allow our students to complete an additional two years in the program, earn more certifications and become more in demand in their career field.”

Dental assisting will be a 10-month diploma that will train students in the necessary skills to work chairside with a dentist and provide care for patients. Mentzer said it is also a field in need of skilled workers in the region.

“We have had several local dentists telling us they really need more dental assistants,” said Dr. Mentzer.

The Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant programs were added due to strong interest shown by both current and potential students.

“There have been many students who have inquired about a veterinary program over the past three or years and know we have students who really want to pursue it,” said Dr. Mentzer.

The Veterinary Assistant Diploma will prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the animal care field. The skills learned will prepare students to assist with basic animal care, feeding, and boarding. The Veterinary Assistant diploma leads directly to the Veterinary Technician AAS degree. Students in the two-year Veterinary Technician program will learn the anatomy, physiology and behavior of animals, husbandry, safety and health care of animals as well as animal pharmaceuticals and large and small animal care.

A re-brand of the previous Computer Networking and Securing Information Technology programs, the Information and Cybersecurity program will prepare students to protect critical threats, assist with forensic analysis of cyber incidents, compliance, data and system integrity, understanding network infrastructure and more.

“We have re-branded and redone the curriculum for these programs,” said Dr. Mentzer. “They are designed to be more worker friendly for those who are already working in the field to be able to come in and bring their prior experience with them while gaining a certificate or degree along the way.”

The new one-year Plumbing program will equip students with skills for installation at new residential and commercial construction sites, as well as repair services for bathtubs, drains, faucets, and water heaters.

Partnering with La’James International College, a new Cosmetology program will offer online classes and hands-on training for students interested in the cosmetology industry. The program includes two courses offered at the start of the fall term that will apply toward hours needed for the LJIC Cosmetology program.

Dr. Mentzer said that seven programs are the most that Iowa Central has added at one time and that interest in each program has been positive.

“We have had a great response so far, especially within our career academies, we have students for every program,” she said. “Seeing how local employers saw a need and came to us to fill that need speaks volumes about Iowa Central’s relationship with Fort Dodge and the surrounding communities that we serve.”

Dr. Ulrich said adding new programs continues to show Iowa Central’s commitment to ensuring students can complete degrees or certifications in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least amount of student loan debt so that they can have a better life.




Seven New Programs to Debut in Fall 2024

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