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Iowa Central hosts Business Competition Day

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 4/5/2012

FORT DODGE - The Iowa Central Community College Business Department hosted its annual High School Business Competition day on Wednesday, March 28, on the Fort Dodge campus in the Applied Science and Technology Building.

Over 350 students from 18 area high schools attended. Students competed in 25 categories including Accounting 1, Business Communication, Business Document Formatting, Business Law, Business Math, Computer Accounting, Computer Objectives, Economics, Graphic Design Promotion, History of American Law Enforcement, Human Relation Skills, Internet Treasure Hunt, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Computers, Job Seeking Skills, Keyboarding Pro, Marksmanship, Office Calculators, Office Procedures, Parliamentary Procedures, The Rule of Law, Team Marketing Plan, Vocabulary & Spelling, Web Design Team and Windows 7 Challenge.

Nathan Lenhart, a senior from Saint Mary’s High School, was the Business Department Scholarship winner. He won a $500 scholarship to Iowa Central based on an essay he wrote about his goals and why he is interested in attending Iowa Central.


Business Department Scholarship Winner

Nathan Lenhart - Saint Mary’s High School

Accounting 1

  1. Seth Hersom- Laurens-Marathon
  2.  Callie Besaw- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3.  Dillan Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  4.  Nicholas Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  5.  Mitch Bauer- Pocahontas Area
  6.  Luke Summerlot- Pocahontas Area
  7.  Austin Behrendsen- Pocahontas Area
  8.  Brandon Fogelman- Sioux Central

Business Communication

  1. Jordan Ukena- Manson Northwest Webster
  2.  Kennedy Drey- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3.  Ross Parcel- Alta-Aurelia

Business Document Formatting

  1. Katie Turnquist- Alta-Aurelia
  2.  Jill Buckendahl- Alta-Aurelia
  3.  Chanin Johnson- East Sac County
  4. Heather Lloyd- Jefferson-Scranton
  5. Megan Spaulding-Jefferson-Scranton

Business Law

  1. Leah Postma- Sioux Central
  2. Jacob Christensen- Eagle Grove
  3.  Jeff Freier- East Sac County
  4. Cord McMahon- Fort Dodge

Business Math

  1. Mitch Bauer- Pocahontas Area
  2.  Bailey Wright- East Sac County
  3.  Austin Jensen- Fort Dodge
  4.  Madison Mannel- Jefferson-Scranton
  5.  Seth Hersom- Laurens- Marathon
  6. Craig Blass- East Sac County

Computer Accounting

  1. Marla Rodriguez-Storm Lake High School
  2.  Regan Grossnickle- Laurens-Marathon
  3.  Ryan Gutz- Storm Lake High School
  4.  Juan Torres- Storm Lake High School
  5. Nathan Lenhart- St. Mary’s High School

Computer Objectives

  1. Brandon Kearney- Fort Dodge
  2. Tyler Marcoux- Sioux Central
  3.  Kyle Clausen- Sioux Central
  4.  Chris Helmick- Fort Dodge
  5.  Kyle Rohlfing- Sioux Central


  1. Nathan Roe- Southeast Webster Grand
  2. Nathan Lee- South Central Calhoun
  3. Nicholas Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  4.  David Schmidt- Alta-Aurelia
  5.  Austin Jensen- Fort Dodge

Graphic Design Promotion

  1. Paige Carlson- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2. Molly Lamoureux- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3.  LeeAnna Murphy- Newell-Fonda
  4.  Madi Schachtner- Humboldt
  5.  Craig Blass- East Sac County

History of American Law Enforcement

  1. Cheyene Robertson- East Sac County
  2. Tyler Alley- Humboldt
  3.  Jayson Edge- Humboldt
  4.  Nate Saathoff-Humboldt
  5.  Cameron Youll- East Sac County

Human Relation Skills

  1. Dacia Oberhelman- Humboldt
  2. Cassie Todd- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3.  Jessica Wendel- Fort Dodge
  4.  Nicholas Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  5.  Natalie Jensen- Sioux Central
  6. Madi Schachtner- Humboldt
  7. Abby Samuelson- Sioux Central
  8. Paxton Petersen- Humboldt

Internet Treasure Hunt

  1. Fort Dodge Senior High -Megan Axne , Angela Ellendson
  2. Clarion-Goldfield  - Sara Wendel ,Adelai Swanson
  3. Storm Lake St. Mary’s - Andy Drey, Nathan Lenhart

Introduction to Business

  1. Rachel Todd- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2. Justin DaSilva-Laurens-Marathon
  3.  Kelly Nutt- East Sac
  4.  Brady Anderson- Humboldt
  5. Jeff Freier- East Sac

Introduction to Computers

  1. Brad Pickhink- East Sac County
  2.  Cody Grunwald- Webster City
  3.  Garrett Ewing- Webster City
  4.  Kaitlin Bass- East Sac County
  5.  Brian Garrels- East Sac County
  6. Brandon Kearney-Fort Dodge

Job Seeking Skills

  1. Alan Lenhart- St. Mary’s High School

Keyboarding Pro

  1. Victoria Lowe- Jefferson-Scranton
  2.  Haley Hines- East Sac County
  3.  Brandon Carlson- Webster City
  4.  James Russell- Storm Lake
  5.  Juwan Ocegueda- Storm Lake
  6. Tess Richardson- South Central Calhoun
  7. Wendy Kreft- East Sac County
  8. Moises Castro- Storm Lake


  1. Dillan Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2.  Nick Olmstead- Webster City
  3.  Tory Beger- East Greene
  4.  Nicolo Sollazzo- Clarion-Goldfield
  5.  Brandon Weir- Fort Dodge

Office Calculators

  1. Marla Rodriguez- Storm Lake
  2.  Ali Bruder- Humboldt
  3.  Madison Mannel- Jefferson-Scranton
  4.  Jenna Falline- Newell-Fonda
  5.  Brianna Ricklefs- Humboldt

Office Procedures

  1. Chris Helmick- Fort Dodge
  2.  Chelsea Sandven-Humboldt
  3.  Nick Olthoff-Humboldt
  4.  Courtney Benjamin- Humboldt
  5.  Dani Stalpes- Humboldt

Parliamentary Procedures

  1. Jacob Kottke- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2.  Angela Ellendson- Fort Dodge
  3.  Bailey Wright- East Sac County
  4.  Mitch Stark- East Sac County
  5.  Austin Jacobs- South Central Calhoun

The Rule of Law

  1. Lilly Rush- Humboldt
  2. Jenna Boeckman-East Sac County
  3. Josie Reiter- East Sac County
  4. Nate Saathoff-Humboldt
  5. Blake Widman- Storm Lake St. Mary’s

Team Marketing Plan

  1.   Manson-Northwest Webster - Connor Alne, Drake Harman
  2.   South Central Calhoun - Jordan Lietz, Will Schrad

Vocabulary & Spelling

  1. Erika Baker- Storm Lake
  2.  Tyler Marcoux- Sioux Central
  3.  David Schmidt- Alta- Aurelia
  4.  Nicolo Sollazzo- Clarion-Goldfield
  5.  Coen Olson- Humboldt
  6.  Lilly Rush- Humboldt
  7.  Cassie Todd- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  8.  Natalie Jensen- Sioux Central
  9.  Kaitlin Bass- East Sac County
  10.  Dacia Oberhelman- Humboldt

Vocabulary & Spelling

Web Design Team Windows 7 Challenge

Web Design Team

  1.   Newell-Fonda - Travis Montag, LeeAnna Murphy, Gretchen Tiedeman
  2.   East Sac County - Maggie Barnes, Connor Riedell, Abbie Wells
  3.   South Central Calhoun - Austin Jacobs, Tess Richardson

Windows 7 Challenge

  1. Amberly Habhab- Fort Dodge
  2.  Brandon Kearney- Fort Dodge
  3.  Jacob Kottke- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  4.  Dacory Daisy- East Sac County
  5.  Jayna Brechwald- Alta-Aurelia