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Spring 2016 Iowa Central Student Senate Officers Announced

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 2/22/2016

We would like to introduce the Spring 2016 Iowa Central Student Senate Officers and Officer Assistants.

Photo caption: (left to right, front row): Kait Daisy, Melanie Lambert, Rachel Fosbender, Tiffany Hull, Shelby Fechner, Dan Petefish; (left to right, back row):Liam Stevens, Stephen Shannon, Konrad Powell, Cody Jondal, Josiah Spano


President-Shelby Fechner

Political Action and Diversity- Rachel Fosbender (Assistant-Liam Stevens)

Community Service-Dan Petefish (Assistant-Josiah Spano)

Student Activities-Stephen Shannon (Assistant-Tiffany Hull)

Publicity and Public Relations-Konrad Powell (Assistant-Cody Jondal)

Student Recruitment and Campus Life-Melanie Lambert (Assistant-Kait Daisy)

Co/Advisors: Jenny Shivers and Tracy Crippin-Haake