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10 BPA Students Qualify for Nationals

    by Pam Uhlenkamp
    Posted on 2/29/2016

Iowa Central’s BPA Chapter had 10 students represent Iowa Central at the State Conference and Competition February 21st and 22nd.

Every member of Iowa Central's BPA Chapter qualified in at least one of their events as a BPA National competitor!

Thank you to all who support these students in their efforts!

Administrative Support Team (PS)
6th Place - Mariah Hanson, Cassandra Roest, Eluid Sanga, Teresa Thomas

Advanced College Accounting (PS)
6th Place - Eluid Sanga

Basic Office Systems & Procedures (PS)
8th Place - Mariah Hanson

Contemporary Issues (PS)
2nd Place - Tina Behrends

Ethics & Professionalism (PS)
1st Place - Tina Behrend

Fundamental Desktop Publishing (PS)
5th Place - Teresa Thomas

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (PS)
8th Place - Cassandra Roest

Fundamental Word Processing (PS)
2nd Place - Rebecca Vohs

Integrated Office Applications (PS)
2nd Place - Cassandra Roest

Legal Office Procedures (PS)
2nd Place - Mariah Hanson

Managerial Accounting (PS)
1st Place - Eluid Sanga

Network Administration Using Microsoft (PS)
2nd Place - Salissou SaniSaidou

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting (PS)
5th Place - Jack Murray
7th Place - Salissou SaniSaidou

Small Business Management Team (PS)
1st Place - Geraldine Augustus, Tina Behrends, Dalton Folkerts, Rebecca Vohs

Systems Administration Using Cisco (PS)
1st Place - Jack Murray
2nd Place - Salissou SaniSaidou Second Place