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Iowa Central takes 3rd in Cyber Defense Competition

    by Marc Matthes
    Posted on 11/13/2015

ISEAGE, part of the Information Assurance Center at Iowa State University, hosts a number of Cyber Defense Competitions every year.  These Cyber Defense Competitions (CDCs) are exciting events put on every year that allow Community College students studying in various areas to test their skills.  Student competitors form Blue Teams consisting of four to eight students from their institution. They are tasked with providing a variety of services to their network, such as web sites, email, remote desktop, programming environments, and backup services.  Some of these services are provided by the competition directors, but with hidden vulnerabilities.  The Red Team is brought in for an eight hour long “attack phase”.  The Red Team consists of security professionals from industry as well as graduate students from Iowa State’s Information Assurance program.  Their job is to try and hack into the Blue Teams’ systems and steal “flags”.  If a Blue Team has one of their flags stolen, they lose points.  The Cyber Defense Competition pits the industry’s very best against some of the most talented students in the Midwest.  Iowa Central competed November 7th and took 3rd out of 10 schools competing which qualify them for the national competition in February.

CNT Program Students

Sean Kramer/Fort Dodge

Isaac Ross/Manson

Gavin Freking/Algona

Tien Nguyen/Fort Dodge

Tyler Lyon/Atalissa

Jack Murray/Iowa City

Web/Graphics  Technology Student

Justin Hilts/Webster City