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Triton Martial Arts Club Formed

    by Rob Hepperle
    Posted on 10/29/2014

The Triton Martial Arts Club (TMAC) is offering FREE Martial Arts classes for students!

The TMAC will be offering classes in TaeKwonDo, Kendo, Self Defense, SogoRyu Bujutsu, Cardio Kickboxing and Tai Chi.

ICCC staff and faculty class fees are 50% off. Unlimited classes (styles & quantity) for low monthly rate of $30 for single, $40 for family of 2, and $50 for family of 3 or more!

The Triton Martial Arts Club (TMAC) is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Free classes for students. All Skill Levels. Members will have the opportunity to primarily learn and promote martial arts within ICCC community. The secondary purpose will be to promote the health, education, well-being and safety of members of ICCC and Fort Dodge communities. TMAC members will have the opportunity to learn the principles of the Martial Arts as a means toward physical and mental discipline and to enjoy and practice the Martial Arts for fun or competitive purposes. TMAC members will promote general interest in the Martial Arts as an aid in developing sportsmanship, leadership, cultural diversity, physical and mental well-being, self-control, self- confidence, self-defense, and an overall better lifestyle. We will also match your career interests with opportunities such as: student development, nutrition, leadership, marketing, fundraising, demonstrations, and community involvement. Competitive events will be available.

Contact: Rob Hepperle, Faculty Advisor EXT. 1920, 515-408-7580

Contact: Master Justin Faiferlick: 515-570-7532,