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BPA Students Compete at State

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 4/1/2015

Students of Iowa Central's Business Professionals of America Chapter competed in state competitions for a chance to go on to Nationals. Nationals will be held in Anaheim, California May 6th-10th.

BPA officers were also elected for the 2015-2016 term during the state competition. Terms begin after Nationals on May 12th. Cassandra Roest was elected Iowa BPA State Officer President. Dalton Folkerts was elected Iowa BPA State Officer Vice-President.

Below are the results of the state competition. National qualifiers are highlighted. Congratulations to all who competed.


Event Name
Administrative Support Team (PS)
Team 2:
Tonya Ramsey
Kaylee Johnson
Teresa Thomas
Dion Mitchell
4th Place
Team 1:
Cassandra Roest
Taylor Griffin
Angela Craig
Audrey Douglas
8th Place
Advanced Interview Skills (PS)
Cassandra Roest 2nd Place Nat’l Qualifier
Advanced Spreadsheet Applications (PS)
Audrey Douglas 4th Place
Advanced Word Processing (PS)
Tonya Ramsey

3rd Place Nat’l Qualifier

Basic Office Systems & Procedures (PS)
Taylor Griffin 7th Place
Geraldine Augustus 10th Place
College Accounting (PS)
Dalton Folkerts 6th Place
Computer Security (PS)
Salissou SaniSaidou 6th Place
Contemporary Issues (PS)
Tina Behrends 4th Place
Ethics & Professionalism (PS)
Tina Behrends 7th Place
Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (PS)
Angela Craig 1st Place Nat’l Qualifier
Fundamental Word Processing (PS)
Cassandra Roest 12th Place
Human Resource Management (PS)
Teresa Thomas 1st Place Nat’l Qualifier
Dion Mitchell 7th Place
Integrated Office Applications (PS)
Tonya Ramsey 2nd Place Nat’l Qualifier
Teresa Thomas 7th Place
Interview Skills (PS)
Dion Mitchell 7th Place
Network Administration Using Microsoft (PS)
Salissou SaniSaidou 8th Place
PC Servicing & Troubleshooting (PS)
Salissou SaniSaidou 9th Place
Prepared Speech (PS)
Dalton Folkerts 2nd Place Nat’l Qualifier


National Internship Qualifiers (PS)
Salissou SaniSaidou
Dion Mitchell
Rebecca Vohs
Taylor Griffin
Geraldine Augustus


Open Event Name Place
Administrative Support (PS)  
Teresa Thomas 2nd Place Nat’l Qualifier
Personal Financial Management, Pilot   
Kaylee Johnson 7th Place
Teresa Thomas 8th Place