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Art Show Winners Announced

    by Shelly Rustvold
    Posted on 12/18/2013

The Student Art Show for December 12th highlighted student portfolios.  Juried winners in each category were announced:

1st  “Still Life with Grapes Chak Kei Wong
2d   Hoodie” Puot Kudhot
3rd  Tables and Chairs” Genesis Aguilara
H  “File Cabinet” Genesis Aguilara

1st   Abstract Self” Cord McMcMahon
2nd   “Geo No. 7 “Ashley Meyers
3rd   “Portrait No. 1”, Zach Smith
H  “In the Moment”, Samantha Lennon

1st  From Hereto There”, Linda Kloberdanz
2nd  To the Sky”, Daven Glaspie
3rd   Mitch’s Collection”, Mitch Michelfelder
H “Barely There”, Melissa Gordon

1st  “Future”, Tony Perry
2nd Chandelier”,Crystal Parish
3rd “Untitled” Libby Redmond
“Pattern”, DJ Robinson

Graphic Design, Digital Illustration
1st “Circus Bear”, Zachary Dicks
2nd LeBron James”, Justin Klingson
3rd “EggThief”, Alan Messerly
H “Sriracha & Wasabi”, Dominic Levongkhom

Best of Show
Three Faces”, Caleb Henkelman

People’s Choice
Caleb Henkelman
Cord McMahon