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2015 Business Competition Day Results

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 4/14/2015

Twenty area high schools were represented by 230 students at Iowa Central Community College Business Competition Day.  Students competed in 28 different business-related skills.

Accounting 1

1st place – Nick Wiemers – Pocahontas Area
2nd place – Kate Vonnahme – Pocahontas Area
3rd place – Daniel Proctor – Pocahontas Area


Business Communications

1st place – Madelyn Bjork – Sioux Central
2nd place – Miles Alcazar – Fort Dodge Senior High
3rd place – Hannah Onken – Greene County


Business Law

1st place – Noah Klemp – St. Edmond
2nd place – Baylie Pederson – Fort Dodge Senior High
3rd place – Michael Faiferlick – St. Edmond


Business Math

1st place – Lexie Patton – Alta-Aurelia
2nd place – Taylor Randall – Alta-Aurelia
3rd place – Alex Larson – Alta-Aurelia


Computer Accounting

1st place – Jonathon Lansink – Sioux Central
2nd place – Mark Bruck – Storm Lake St. Mary’s
3rd place – Nicholas Wiemers – Pocahontas Area


Computer Objectives

1st place – John Funk – Storm Lake
2nd place – Austin Salgren – St. Edmond
3rd place – Kyle Norris – East Sac County


Culinary Cook-Off

1st place – Alexis Lessmeier, Anthony Hernandez, Drayauna Mosley – Fort Dodge Senior High
2nd place – McKenna Peterson, Olivia Thompson – Storm Lake St. Mary’s
3rd place – Sarai Cassro-Mora, Katrina Morris, Hannah Quintus – Eagle Grove



1st place – Rachel Wedemeyer – South Central Calhoun
2nd place – Brian Gonzales – Career Academy-Eagle Grove
3rd place – Zach Sliefert – Alta-Aurelia


Graphic Design Promotion

1st place – Rachael Huegerich – South Hamilton
2nd place – Jordan Lynch – Newell-Fonda
3rd place – Aubrey Richardson – South Central Calhoun


History of American Law Enforcement
1st place – Hunter Simpson – Humboldt
2nd place – Spencer Jensen – Humboldt
3rd place – Tyler Case – Pocahontas Area


Human Relations Skills

1st place – Amanda Von Dolteren – Pocahontas Area
2nd place – Amber Kluender – Humboldt
3rd place – Katie Post – Alta-Aurelia


Internet Treasure Hunt

1st place – Claire Blomberg, Katrine Cadman – Sioux Central
2nd place – Ashley Keller, Noah Maxheimer – Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
3rd place – Brittany Richardson, Faith Hanson – Greene County


Intro to Business

1st place – Faith Hanson – Greene County
2nd place – Robbie Wickwire – Southeast Valley
3rd place – Dylan McConnell – Greene County


Intro to Computers

1st place – Teagan Perrin – St. Edmond
2nd place – Jordan Fischer – East Sac County
3rd place – Christ Breitinger – East Sac County


Intro to Hospitality

1st place – Hannah Boysen – Pocahontas Area
2nd place – Cheyenne Groat – Eagle Grove
3rd place – Tyler Case – Pocahontas Area


Job Seeking Skills

1st place – Zach Sliefert – Alta-Aurelia
2nd place – Kearsten Hainzinger – Southeast Valley
3rd place – Claire Blomberg – Sioux Central


Keyboarding Pro

1st place – Kylie Burmeister – Humboldt
2nd place – Aaron Cox – Fort Dodge Senior High
3rd place – Jade Myers – St. Edmond



1st place – Devon Weidauer – Pocahontas Area
2nd place – Austyn Smith – Fort Dodge Senior High
3rd place – Mac Derscheid – Eagle Grove


Office Calculators

1st place – Kayla Mobley – Greene County
2nd place – Jordan Hostetler – Greene County
3rd place – Tim Eischeid – Greene County


Office Procedures

1st place – Cody London – Humboldt
2nd place – Emily Hughes – Humboldt
3rd place – Lilly Sorenson – Humboldt


Parliamentary Procedures

1st place – Morgan Schomaker – Sioux Central
2nd place – Zachary Molnar – Sioux Central
3rd place – Hailey Burley – South Central Calhoun


Restaurant Skills

1st place – Taylor Market – Manson Northwest Webster
2nd place – Ricky Unger – Laurens Marathon
3rd place – Zach Desgagnes – Manson Northwest Webster


The Rule of Law

1st place – Zachary Molnar – Sioux Central
2nd place – Anita Salmeron – Sioux Central
3rd place – Maria Garcia – Storm Lake


Vocabulary and Spelling

1st place – Jack Sliefert – Alta-Aurelia
2nd place – Alisha Ungs – Storm Lake
3rd place – Kathryn Keller – Manson Northwest Webster


Web Design Team

1st place – R.J. Schneider, Rachel Wedemeyer – South Central Calhoun


Windows 7 Challenge

1st place – John Funk – Storm Lake
2nd place – Austyn Smith – Fort Dodge Senior High
3rd place – Mitchell Hoeg – East Sac County


Word Processing Applications

1st place – Hannah Onken – Greene County
2nd place – Jade Myers – St. Edmond
3rd place – Peyton Green – St. Edmond


The Business Department Scholarship winner was Sarah Rasmussen of Clarion-Goldfield-Dows.

Diversity is important to me. For people to learn and grow, there must be diversity in the workplace, schools, and sports. That is another reason I wanted to go to Iowa Central; there are so many people here from across the world, all with different backgrounds and life experiences. I saw Iowa Central as an opportunity not only to grow in both academics and in athletics, but also to become a stronger person.

Lilia Alvarez
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