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Dental Hygiene Program Hosts Oral Head and Neck Cancer Screening

    by Renee Piper, RDH, MA
    Posted on 5/14/2015

April was Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, (OHANCAW) and in an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Iowa Central Dental Hygiene program and the Cancer Center at Unity Point, 164 screenings were provided.  There were 9 immediate referrals and 19 for further evaluation. It was a great success!

The goal this year was to increase the number of college students screened as Human Papilloma virus #16 is a main risk factor for developing Head and Neck Cancers.  We screened 37 college students.

The dental hygiene students, faculty and staff worked with the dentists, oral surgeons, oncologists, dermatologists, physicians to provide the head and neck screenings.

Thanks to the following for taking time out to provide this valuable service for our community! Dr. Shane Hopkins, Dr. Randy Toothaker, Dr. Leopolda Delucca, Dr. Nicholas Drzycimski, Dr. Matthew Maggio, Dr. Jonathan DeJong, Dr. Carey Bligard, Dr. Janet Secor, Dr. Harvey Evans, Brenda Anderson, and Cindy DeWall.

I am grateful for the lifelong friendships I have created at Iowa Central.

Mackenzie Rosenboom
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