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Nursing Pinning Ceremony Held

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 7/2/2013

Iowa Central’s annual Nursing Pinning Ceremony, which honors our graduates who completed Nursing programs this spring, was held Tuesday, June 25th in Decker Auditorium on the Fort Dodge Campus.

“You are the students who will now become our heath care.” said Dave Grosland, Iowa Central Vice President of Instruction, as he opened the ceremony with a welcome to all graduates, family, and friends. Mr. Grosland also thanked the parents and faculty members who were in attendance for their dedication to supporting the students as they made their way through their respective programs.

Chosen by their fellow graduates to give a student response, one graduate from all three Iowa Central centers addressed the audience. “We’ve learned so much the last two years. We came together as strangers and now we have incredible friendships!” said Rachel Watt, from the Webster City/Goldfield center. Storm Lake Center graduate, Samantha Birt, said “Instructors, thank you for pushing us through and our families, thank you for all of the sacrifices you made for us!” Rikki Goshorn, from the Fort Dodge center, thanked families, parents, and instructors for giving the graduates everything they’ll need to be successful and closed with “From the first overwhelming day, to sharing stories and dreams, our separate paths are now one – we have become family. Never stop learning, never stop caring.”

After the pinning of the each graduates and the reciting of the Nightingale and Practical Nurse Pledge, Trina Staton, Dean of Health Sciences, closed the ceremony by telling the graduates “Embrace your new career from your heart.”

A special thank you was also given during the ceremony to the following for providing clinical experiences for our students: Buena Vista Regional Medical Center, Cherokee Mental Health Institute, Community and Family Resources, Friendship Haven, Greene County Medical Center, Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, Iowa Specialty Hospital - Clarion, Loring Hospital, Marian Home, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Methodist Manor, North Humboldt Care Center, Parkview Care Center, Rotary Ann Home, Inc., Southfield Care Center , Stewart Memorial Community Hospital, Unity Point - Trinity Regional Medical Center, Van Diest Medical Center

2013 Nursing Pinning Graduates

Fort Dodge    
Associate Degree Nurses    
Kimberly N. Anderson Robert A. Jansen Breanna L. Pratte
Karrie N. Bair Caitlin M. Jones Samantha J. Richardson
Elizabeth A. Baker Daniel Kamarey Elizabeth J. Rickerl
Francis F. Banda Taylor J. Kelly Kayla M. Ritts
Rachel E. Bornhoft Travis J. Kleist Sofia Rodriguez-Hoces
Elizabeth A. Brennan Haley J. Kleppe Kathleen D. Rose
Allison L. Brown Alexandria A. Kobriger Allison E. Schimmer
Violah Chepchirchir Teaira L. Korte Troy L. Schnell
Emily Cheruto Stacey M. Lanam Christine H. Shillington
Angela M. Choate Jessica M. Lenz Anna K. Toohey
Jessica L. Cook Heather J. Lovain Melinda S. Turner
Breanna M. Daniels Sara-Lynn K. Madson Mercedes E. Underwood
Alicia S. Dentlinger Chipiko C. Malekano Brittany K. Vaske
Amy L. Farrell Kourtney K. Marlow Nikkie J. Vreeland
Trama J. Giermann Kalie R. Mason Kristy L. Ward
Kaitlyn J. Goplerud Valerie M. McSherry Derrick W. Wilkin
Rikki R. Goshorn Shelby N. Michalski Jeana E. Willms
Kara M. Hassebrock Amy M. Minkoff Jordyn M. Zdrazil
Amanda S. Helmbrecht Kelsey R. Nerad Jade M. Zimmerman
Emily A. Helvick Sarah L. Neverman  
Cassie M. Jackson Shelly A. Paulson  
Practical Nurses    
Shandy L. Alexander Nicoline M. Killi Lynette L. Otto
Whitney S. Andersen Aidah C. Kiplagat Alejandro Puente- Morales
Teresa D. Blessington Faith J. Kiprono Karen A. Rasmussen
Nancy J. Bor Katelyn E. Klein Kaitlyn E. Rubel
Shayla L. Bradley Rachel C. Kromminga Morgan F. Ruter
Katie N. Brown Mercy J. Lagat Hillary K. Samoei
Hope E. Campbell ReBecka L. Lindberg Bhavini J. Sanghvi
Christina A. Carr Roselyne N. Maiyo Toni M. Schreier
Jonathan Chansa Ashley M. Mason Denice S. Schultz
Deanne R. Claman Ashley M. Mattson Mariah J. Schwering
Ann M. Colvin Leah N. Mburu Taylor E. Struve
Laura J. Erie Jasmine M. McNeill Alicia C. Sukovaty
Tracy M. Fay Heather M. Murphy Robin M. Vit
Tisha L. Hernandez Sara L. Murphy Tyson D. Werner
Chelsey M. Hinners Sierra D. Myers Dawn R. Winterboer
Wendy M. Holm   Gardson K. Ndungu
Webster City/Goldfield    
Associate Degree Nurses    
Jodi L. Ainger Sarah M. Just Mark L. Pittman
Christopher A. Burke Cassie N. Lehman Kristine L. Rexroat
Kelly M. Dolan Michele R. Mack Rachel L. Watt
Julie A. Garvey Emily J. Maines Tracy R. Woodlund
Amanda R. Hinz Marc E. Murphy  
Lacey D. Hrubes Rachel R. Muthomi  
Practical Nurses    
Jaime L. Arnold Kelsey F. Koop Casey M. Stull
Elizabeth R. Beukema Crystale A. Larson Dee A. Tubbs
Dawn M. Carstens Danielle L. LaRue Marnee M. Weakley
Brittany K. Farrand AnaPaula Pekkala  
Debra K. Kern Samantha J. Robertson  
Storm Lake    
Associate Nurses    
Lindsey V. Adams Lindsay M. Jensen Veronica Salas
EmlyRose E. Arends Abigayle L. Koth Macy M. Stork
Samantha R. Birt Leslie D. Morgan  
Kristina L. Buss Rachael M. Rohrman  
Practical Nurses    
Amber L. Cords Rebecca J. Neddermeyer Kendy Vidal
Amanda L. Friedrichsen Rachel D. Riedesel Jennifer M. Wood
Billie Jo Koenig Heather L. Santos  
Melissa R. Larson Jessica R. Stelle  


Rachael Watt
Webster City/Goldfield Class
Rikki Goshorn
Fort Dodge Class
Samantha Birt
Storm Lake Class