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Dental Hygiene students complete youth dental screenings

    by Renee Piper
    Posted on 3/25/2014

The Dental Hygiene students completed their 2014 community class programs that they began in February during CHILDRENS DENTAL HEALTH MONTH with 7th grade dental screenings and ended with 7th grade dental sealants.

According to Iowa Law dental screenings are required for all children entering kindergarten and for seventh graders prior to entry to high school. The Iowa Central Dental Hygiene program collaborated with the Webster County Public Health Department, school nurses, along with local volunteer hygienists, Leticia Baldwin, Toni Zeka and Emily Peterson, (all Iowa Central alumni) the dental hygiene students and Ms. Piper performed oral screenings for the 7th graders. The dental hygiene students saw a variety of oral health needs, knowledge and oral hygiene practices, and hopefully for those who needed urgent care will be seen by a dentist soon.

The Dental Hygiene students finished up their school based sealant program at the Fort Dodge Middle School. The students performed the preliminary paperwork and parental consent, organizing volunteers, preparing the equipment and supplies and setting up the event. The Iowa Central DH students went to all elementary schools in Fort Dodge, including Feelhaver, Butler, Cooper, Saint Edmonds, Duncombe and Fort Dodge Middle school.

The students screened the students for unmet urgent dental needs, placed sealants, and gave individualized oral hygiene instruction to over 150 students in the FD community. The students placed over 400 dental sealants at no charge. Saving money for the parents and most importantly saving the child from experiencing pain and a restoration or extraction for a decayed tooth. Children who were referred for urgent needs will be followed up on through the Webster county I-SMILE oral health coordinator.