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2014 Industrial Technology Competition Day Results

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 4/11/2014

Iowa Central Community College’s Annual Industrial Technology High School Competition was held on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  On Competition Day, approximately 210 students, representing 21 high schools from our nine county areas and beyond, participated in one or more of the twenty testing areas. The students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they had acquired from their dual credited vocational classes, while competing for scholarships and prizes.  Competitions were held in the following areas: Automotive: Intro to Auto Tech, Intro to Engines, Advanced Automotive, Automotive Collision, Carpentry, Computer Integrated Fabrication: Lathe, Mill, Diesel, Electrical Technologies: Residential Wiring, Basic Electricity, Engineering and Design: Introduction to AutoCAD, Solid Modeling, Industrial Mechanics: Blue Print Reading, Shop Operations, Precision Measurements, Technical Mathematics, and Welding: SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, Oxy-Fuel. 

The top three students testing in each area received a medallion, along with a scholarship to Iowa Central for the program they tested in. First place winners received $200 scholarships, second place winners received $150 scholarships, and third place winners received $100 scholarships. Each program also awards prizes donated by sponsoring companies from the area.

Sponsoring companies that donated prizes:
Acme Tools, Airgas, Ag Parts Ltd., AutoDesSys, Builders Ltd., Calhoun County Implement, Casady Bros, Champion Crysler, Crescent Electric Supply Company, Crimmins Welding & Fabrication, Electrical Materials Company, Endurance Power Products, GATR Truck, Jensen Builders Ltd., Hagie Manufacturing, Interstates Construction, Iowa Auto Supply, Iron CAD,  Karl Chevrolet, Kemna, Liberty Hardwoods, Lincoln Electric, Manson Red Power, MathWorks, McNeel & Associates, Midwest 3D Solutions, Miller Electric, NAPA Auto Parts, National Coatings, Novedge, O’ Reillys, Ramco, Shimkat Mtr. Co., Snap-On, Texas Instruments, Van Meter Inc., Waterloo Industries, Wheelers Autobody Supply, Ziegler Cat

Students from the following high schools participated:
Alta-Aurelia High School
Algona High School
Clarion-Goldfield High School
Eagle Grove High School
East Sac High School
Fort Dodge Senior High
Greene County High School
Humboldt High School
Laurens Marathon High School
Manson Northwest Webster H.S.
Newell-Fonda High School
Northeast Hamilton High School
Perry High School
Pocahontas High School
Prairie Valley High School
Saydel High School
SE Polk High School
SE Webster Grand High School
Sioux Central High School
South Central Calhoun High School
Storm Lake High School
Webster City High School

Automotive Technology (Intro to Engines)
1st Place-Trevor Larson                                 Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
2nd Place-Trevor Peterson                             Clarion- Goldfield                  Clarion-Goldfield
3rd Place-Cory Denning                                 Saydel                                     Saydel

Automotive Technology (Intro to Auto Tech)
1st Place-Caleb Hinners                                Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
2nd Place-Roman Chrischilles                         Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
3rd Place-Brian Buchanan                              Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield

Automotive Technology (Advanced Auto)
1st Place-Connor Sackett                              Perry                                       Perry
2nd Place-Jack Thammavongsa                      Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
3rd Place-Austin Nyheim                              SE Polk                                   SE Polk

Automotive Collision
1st Place-Austin Stein                                 Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place-Jacob Putney                               Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield
3rd Place-Colby Ruiter                                 Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield

1st Place- Tate Illg                                     Humboldt                               Humboldt
2nd Place- Reed Dryer                                 Humboldt                                Humboldt
3rd Place- Jordan Dornath                            Storm Lake                            Storm Lake

Computer Integrated Fabrication (Lathe)
1st Place-Sean Kenan                                 Greene County                       Greene County
2nd Place-Zach Fouch                                 Greene County                       Greene County

Computer Integrated Fabrication (Mill)
1st Place- Nathan Hoffman                          Greene County                       Greene County

1st Place-Jason Krueger                              Perry                                       Perry
2nd Place-Devin Tripp                                Sioux Central                         Sioux Central
3rd Place-Chris Ray                                   FDSH                                     FDSH

Electrical Technologies (Basic Electricity)
1st – Collin North                                      SE Polk                                   SE Polk
2nd – Matthew Pewick                                SE Polk                                   SE Polk
3rd – Connor Fiddler                                  Humboldt                                Humboldt                   

Electrical Technologies (Residential Wiring)
1st – Abe Bischof                                      SE Polk                                   SE Polk
2nd – Brandon Degelau                               FDSH                                     FDSH
3rd – Levi Ellis                                         South Central                         South Central Calhoun Calhoun

Engineering & Design Technology (Intro to CAD)
1st Place-Thomas Hartley                            FDSH                                     FDSH
2nd Place- Austin Sutten                             SE Polk                                   SE Polk
3rd Place- Nathan Krueger                           Manson NW Webster             Manson NW Webster                    

Engineering & Design Technology (Solid Modeling)
1st Place –Tyler Frantz                                Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield
2nd Place- Joseph Walston                          FDSH                                     FDSH
3rd Place- Brett Osterman                           Clarion-Goldfield                   Clarion-Goldfield                                 

Industrial Mechanics (Blue Print Reading)
1st Place – Carter Wright                            SE Polk                                   SE Polk
2nd Place – Devin Brommel                        SE Polk                                   SE Polk
3rd Place – Devin Gaudette                        SE Polk                                   SE Polk

Industrial Mechanics (Precision Measurements)
1st Place –Kevin Krieger                            Greene County                       Greene County
2nd Place –Ashley Peterson                        Pocahontas                             Pocahontas
3rd Place-Joey Lee                                   SE Polk                                   SE Polk          

Industrial Mechanics (Shop Operations)
1st Place –Tim Saunders                           Sioux Central                         Sioux Central
2nd Place- Karlan Langfitt                         Greene County                       Greene County
3rd Place- Bryce Scott                              SE Webster Grand                 SE Webster Grand                

Technical Mathematics
1st Place –Devin Gaudette                        SE Polk                                   SE Polk
2nd Place- Kylie Burmeister                      Humboldt                                Humboldt
3rd Place- Connor Wilkens                        Greene County                       Greene County

Welding (GMAW)
1st Place- Andrew Temple                        Newell-Fonda                         Newell-Fonda
2nd Place- Hunter O’Bannon                     Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
3rd Place- Zach Lowery                           FDSH                                     FDSH

Welding (GTAW)
1st Place- Hunter O’Bannon                      Storm Lake                             Storm Lake
2nd Place- Zach Lowery                           FDSH                                     FDSH
3rd Place- Isaac Perez                             Greene County                       Greene County

Welding (SMAW)
1st Place- Isaac Perez                             Greene County                       Greene County
2nd Place-Alec Schneider                         Greene County                       Greene County
3rd Place-Hunter O’Bannon                      Storm Lake                             Storm Lake

Welding (Oxy-Fuel)
1st Place- Alec Schneider                         Greene County                       Greene County
2nd Place- Isaac Perez                            Greene County                       Greene County
3rd Place- Ryan Klaassen                         Pocahontas                             Pocahontas