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Transportation Technology Center Adds Two Simulators

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 12/15/2014

Iowa Central Community College’s Transportation Technology Center recently received delivery of two TransSim VI Trucking Simulators from L 3 Communication. The Iowa Central administration saw a need as well as many advantages for students to conduct simulation training. Iowa Central deliberated over several manufacturers and simulator models making several visits before purchasing these quality simulators from L 3.

These are the newest version to date from L 3 Communications (TranSim VI). The simulators will help provide students with different transmissions including: 6 speed, 9 speed, 10 speed, 13 speed, 18 speed and automatics. This will help to perfect proper clutch use, braking, and accelerating skills which are critical to safe operating practices. They also provide a variety of trailer options including: van, flatbed (spread axle), doubles, rocky mountain doubles, triples, and tanker. There are a variety of weighted options to select from, empty, half loaded and full trailers. The simulators have motion based seats which allow you to feel the road as well as the surge factor pulling a tanker.

There is a variety of tractor makes and models, which change dash and control settings. They have different gear ratios to select from and types of terrain to operate them on. This changes how each will operate and perform in different situations. This will help student’s perfect correct decision making skills in steer tire blowout situations, mountain driving, suburban and rural driving, backing, and defensive driving. All of these can be performed in a variety of weather conditions on the simulators increasing the level of difficulty when driving. We will be able to conduct driving assessments evaluating performance while operating the simulator.

The best part is no one will be killed, permanently disabled, or injured, no equipment is damaged, and they are very realistic in their operation and benefit to the student. We are excited about enhancing the educational experience for Iowa Central Professional Truck Driving Students.

I got recommended for the robotics program from someone I know that took the same program. So I took a campus visit and I was very impressed.

Ethan Boileau
Industrial Robotics and Automation
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