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Iowa Central hosts Business Competition Day

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 4/9/2013

FORT DODGE – The Iowa Central Community College Business Department hosted its annual High School Business Competition day on Wednesday, April 3, on the Fort Dodge campus in the Applied Science and Technology Building.

Over 275 students from 17 area high schools attended. Students competed in 25 categories including Accounting 1, Business Communication, Business Document Formatting, Business Law, Business Math, Computer Accounting, Computer Objectives, Economics, Graphic Design Promotion, History of American Law Enforcement, Human Relation Skills, Internet Treasure Hunt, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Computers, Job Seeking Skills, Keyboarding Pro, Marksmanship, Office Calculators, Office Procedures, Parliamentary Procedures, The Rule of Law, Vocabulary & Spelling, Web Design Team,  Windows 7 Challenge, and Word Processing.

Courtney Benjamin, a senior from Humboldt High School, was the Business Department Scholarship winner. She won a $500 scholarship to Iowa Central based on an essay she wrote about her goals and why she is interested in attending Iowa Central.


Accounting 1

  1. Melanie Nesbitt- Pocahontas Area
  2. Brandi Hubbell- Pocahontas Area
  3. Alanna Hill- Eagle Grove
  4. Maggie Hallman- Pocahontas
  5. Rachel Todd- St. Lake St. Mary’s
  6. Austin Behrendsen- Pocahontas Area
  7. Emily Clausen- Pocahontas Area


Business Communication

  1. Alanna Hill- Eagle Grove
  2. Eden Imming- Newell- Fonda
  3. Brady Dicks- Newell- Fonda
  4. Abby Koch- Greene County
  5. Ethan Keukel- Storm Lake

Business Document Formatting

  1. Tiffany Christensen- Eagle Grove
  2. Brooke Mabe- Eagle Grove

Business Law

  1. Dylan Thielen- Eagle Grove
  2. Angie Ellendson- Fort Dodge Senior High

Business Math

  1. Tyler Larson- Alta-Aurelia
  2. Will Cleveland- Laurens- Marathon
  3. Joe Pena- Greene County
  4. Mitchell Madson- Greene County
  5. Maggie Feldmann- Greene County
  6. Austin Jensen- Fort Dodge
  7. Josh Scuffham- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  8. Maddie Mannel- Greene County

Computer Accounting

  1. Blake Widman- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2.  Kyle Kennedy- Greene County
  3.  Brittany Steinkamp- East Sac County
  4.  Lauren Friesth- Humboldt
  5.  Jacob Christensen- Greene County

Computer Objectives

  1. Keaton Gregg- East Sac County
  2.  Nathan Sorlien- Humboldt
  3.  Tommy Myers- Humboldt
  4.  Michael Dewey- Newell- Fonda
  5.  Andrew Marshall- Greene County


  1. Jace Neubaum- South Central Calhoun
  2. Zach Stewart- South Central Calhoun
  3. Collin Lind- Laurens-Marathon
  4. Trey Sliefert- Alta-Aurelia
  5. Noah Stephas- Eagle Grove

Graphic Design Promotion

  1. Tyla Bushman- South Central Calhoun
  2. Mary Timko- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3. Alyssa Clark- South Central Calhoun
  4. Bobbie Bass- Newell- Fonda
  5. Hannah Soma- Eagle Grove

History of American Law Enforcement

  1. Grant Hatterman- East Sac County
  2.  Molly Hesnard- East Sac County
  3.  Megan Linder- East Sac County
  4.  Jacob Christensen- Greene County
  5.  Erica Lane- Humboldt

Human Relations Skills

  1. Sara Nielsen- Storm Lake
  2. Tyler Larson- Alta-Aurelia
  3. Ryan Gutz- Storm Lake
  4. Kathryn Brechwald- Alta- Aurelia
  5. Kylee Hereid- Newell- Fonda
  6. Marissa Murray- Southeast Webster Grand

Internet Treasure Hunt

  1. Blake Widman, Kennedy Drey – Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2. Aly Schaffer, Lucan Maxheimer – Clarion Goldfield           
  3. Michael EnTin, Alec Norem – Clarion-Goldfield

Introduction to Business

  1. Luke Lenhart- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  2.  Maggie Freking- Storm Lake
  3.  Dylan Thielen- Eagle Grove
  4.  Malcolm Smith- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  5.  Kirk Weber- Newell-Fonda

Introduction to Computers

  1. Molly Hesnard- East Sac County
  2. MaKayla Ernst- East Sac County
  3. Jenna Peters- East Sac County
  4. Haley Laber- East Sac County
  5. Justin Kraft- East Sac County

Job Seeking Skills

  1. Melanie Nesbitt- Pocahontas Area
  2. Mary Rose Timko- Storm Lake St. Mary’s

Keyboarding Pro

  1. Justin Kraft- East Sac County
  2. Nic Seaman- Storm Lake
  3. Erin Schuelke- Storm Lake
  4. Luca Carlin- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  5. Elizabeth Gunn- Greene County
  6. Blanca Vazquez- Storm Lake
  7. Linh Tran- Storm Lake


  1. Craig Sundblad- Laurens-Marathon
  2.  Justin Carstens- East Sac County
  3.  Ryan Peters- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  4.  Jenna Peters- East Sac County
  5.  Matt Stumpf- St. Edmonds


Office Calculators

  1. Maddie Mannel- Greene County
  2. Garrett Nelson- Humboldt
  3. Christina Smith- Greene County
  4. Crystal Adamson- Greene County
  5. Kaitlin Horbach- Green County

Office Procedures

  1. Dani Stalpes- Humboldt
  2. Chelsea Sandven- Humboldt
  3. Courtney Benjamin- Humboldt
  4. Yoseline Padilla- Storm Lake
  5. Nick Laing- Humboldt

Parliamentary Procedures

  1.  Austin Theilman- Manson Northwest Webster
  2.  Matt Osborne- Fort Dodge Senior High
  3.  Angie Ellendson- Fort Dodge Senior High
  4.  Josh Morris- Eagle Grove
  5.  Nick Laing- Humboldt

The Rule of Law

  1.  Logan Jepsen- Pocahontas Area
  2.  Morgan Olhausen- East Sac County
  3.  Blake Widman- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  4.  Alexandria Roth- East Sac County
  5.  Spencer Kies- East Sac County

Vocabulary & Spelling

  1. Jace Neubaum- South Central Calhoun
  2. Austin Jensen- Fort Dodge Senior High
  3. Kaitlin Bass- East Sac County
  4. Chelsea Ackhart- Humboldt
  5. Tommy Myers- Humboldt
  6. Kaitlin Brake- Alta-Aurelia
  7. Meri Nelson- Greene County
  8. Ashley Schade- Humboldt
  9. Michael EnTin- Clarion- Goldfield
  10. Erin Schuelke- Storm Lake

Web Design Team

  1. Jordan Lietz, Piper Richardson, Zach Stewart – South Central Calhoun
  2. Keaton Gregg, Jessica Greve – East Sac County
  3. Bobbie Bass, Michael Dewey, Eden Imming, Kirk Weber – Newell-Fonda

Windows 7 Challenge

  1.  Jordan Rice- East Sac County
  2.  Luca Carlin- Storm Lake St. Mary’s
  3.  Andrew Marshall- Greene County
  4.  Matt Johnson- Manson Northwest Webster
  5.  Cole Jones- Southeast Webster Grand

Word Processing

  1.  Kaden McClintock- St. Edmond
  2.  Megan Christiansen- Newell-Fonda
  3.  Caleb Smith- Newell- Fonda
  4.  Cristena Heschke- Alta- Aurelia
  5.  Nancy Medel- Newell-Fonda

Business Department Scholarship Winner

      Courtney Benjamin - Humboldt









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