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Showcase 2013 is April 25

    by Thomas Wilson
    Posted on 4/16/2013

Time for Goodbye!

Its’ the end of the school year, Iowa Central Performing Arts has wound down to their final concert. What a journey!  What an adventure! For many students stepping out on the stage at the annual spring concert, SHOWCASE 2013, will mark the end of their academics at Iowa Central and the end of their performance time with us.

Showcase 2013 will be held Thursday, April 25th at 1:00 PM and at 7:00 PM, and on Friday, April 26th at 7:00 PM in the Decker Auditorium on the Iowa Central campus. Doors will open 30 minutes before show time and admission is FREE.

Iowa Central has a long tradition of providing audiences with an amazing music from the instrumental and vocal arenas. The ensembles have worked very hard this past semester in order to bring another great experience to the Fort Dodge community. Showcase will bring together both the instrumental and vocal students in a concert that you will not want to miss.

Our concert will open with the Iowa Central Concert Band under the direction of Paul Bloomquist. In his sixth year as the band director, Paul has brought such a positive and energetic style to the concert band. He will be directing Hymn and Celebration by Timothy Mahr, Abram’s Pursuit by David Holsinger, and a march entitled The Spinning Baton March by Marlan Bloomquist. Paul’s father wrote the melody for piano and it published when he was a sophomore in high school back in 1962, he then arranged that melody for band in 1974 when he was at Lytton. To date The Spinning Baton March has only been played five times.

Under the direction of Kathleen Schreier, accompanied by Mary Heimbruch, the Iowa Central Concert Choir will continue your concert experience with some arrangements of some well-known secular and sacred pieces. Starting their set you will be able to hear the sweet soft voices in Abide With Me. You will want to tap your foot along and raise your arms in praise when the concert choir offers their songs of I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til the Spirit Moves in My Heart and Worthy to Be Praised. Two very new pieces to the choirs’ repertoire that Kathleen was excited about working on include, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal and Choose Something Lie a Star.

The second half of the concert will kick off with the upbeat music on Encore Singers as Martin Wise hits us with his best shot on the solo in Hit Me with Your Best Shot/ One Way or Another. Daniel Peet will be soloing in a tune to really get people dancing in Boogie Shoes. The Encore Singers will divide their talents as the men take stage for Mr. Pinstripe Suit and the women become the survivors of the night with I Will Survive/ Survivor. The audience will find some love for Kaluba Namoonde and Emily Garst as they solo in Faithfully before we end their set with the GLEE version of Somebody to Love, with soloists Jefferson Fosbender and Anna Wuldkuhler. The Encore Singers choreography is by Dance Coach Cassidy Vermeer and assisted by Jamie Johnston. They will be accompanied by Mary Heimbruch and the Encore Choir Pit.

Jazz Band will conclude our show with selected tunes from Spain arranged by Paul Jennings, Lullaby by Bob Curnow, Thaditude by Steve Weist, In Memory of Bix arragned by Tom Kubis, Moanin’ arranged by Sy Johnson, and Well You Needn’t arranged Dave Mills.

Throughout the night we will weave in our additional ensembles to perform. Vocal Jazz will be offering their vocal rendition of Organ Fugue BWV578 and a sweet version of What a Wonderful World, while the brass ensemble brings a touch of Gaga to us with Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. These are sure to be hits with our audience members.

In 2010 the Performing Arts faculty and staff have recognized the graduates of the Iowa Central Performing Arts. And this year we are excited to once again give special recognition to the students who have worked hard day after day for the past year or two in order for our concerts and shows to take place. This is our way of saying thank you, and to give them all the love as we say goodbye.

Showcase 2013 marks the end of time at Iowa Central for so many talented students. It is our time to say goodbye to the students that have touched our lives and shared their many wonders with us. Join us April 25th and 26th as we bid our students farewell! 


What: Showcase 2013

When: April 25th @ 1:00 and 7:00 PM, and April 26th @ 7:00 PM

Where: Decker Auditorium

Cost: FREE