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Iowa Central to Celebrate National TRIO Day

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 2/18/2014

National TRIO Day was created by Congress in 1986 so that the achievements of TRIO programs should be recognized.  This year it is February 22.  We are celebrating it on February 20 with a food day for our students and February 21 with Jeans Day for TRIO. 

TRIO DAY at the State Capitol is an opportunity for TRIO students to learn more about their state government and how they can get involved and ensure that their voices are heard.  Students will have an opportunity to visit with some state officials and share how TRIO has impacted their life. Even though the Federal TRIO programs are funded by FEDERAL funds, not state funds, it is important for legislators in Iowa to realize the impact that TRIO has on Iowans of all ages.  This day is an opportunity for state legislators to develop an awareness of TRIO programs.