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New Iowa Central Cybersecurity Club Boosts Student Activity Offerings

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 5/1/2019

Fort Dodge, IA - Iowa Central Community College’s Board of Trustees have approved the formation of a Cybersecurity Club. This club will give students experience in solving issues with computer network vulnerabilities and help enhance skills in addressing online threats. Students that are a part of the club will be participating in cyber defense competitions against other colleges. The group will meet monthly to partake in presentations, demonstrations, or labs presented by members and guest speakers.

“The Iowa Central Cybersecurity Club aims to educate students in security topics such as firewalls, network design, social engineering, security discovery, network vulnerabilities and more,” said Marc Matthes, Director of Computer Networking Programs and Program Developer. “The idea is to give the students hands-on experience in a professional setting that goes beyond the classroom that will prepare them for the work setting.”

While Iowa Central doesn’t have a Cybersecurity field of study, the college does offer a degree program for Computer Networking Technology. Different aspects of cybersecurity cross over into areas in computer networking. Iowa Central does have a rich history of students participating in cyber defense competitions (CDCs), but the formation of a sanctioned club will help students organize in a more official capacity. Collegiate CDCs will challenge students to create a computer network and protect it from the opposing team, which is trying to infiltrate and take down their network.

“We are excited to add more opportunities for our students to get involved on campus,” said Dr. Dan Kinney, President of Iowa Central Community College. “The Cybersecurity Club is a step in the right direction for Iowa Central as we move towards more technology integration in our academic offerings.”

Iowa Central students have been participating in various collegiate cyber defense competitions since 2007. Over the years, Iowa Central teams have faced off against top two and four-year schools from around the midwest, securing several victories. This club adds a whole new dynamic to what students can participate in to grow their skills while they pursue their education at Iowa Central.

Student organizations are a big part of campus life at Iowa Central. In total, there are over 40 different clubs and activities that students can get involved in. From a student-run newspaper to theatre productions, being able to provide opportunities for students is very important to the College.

I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends and hanging out with them from other states or countries that come and learn at Iowa Central.

Ian Oliver
Criminal Justice
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