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Local Area Law Enforcement Participate in Active Shooter Training

    by Julie Mertens
    Posted on 6/20/2019

Calhoun County Sheriff, Scott Anderson, along with the Manson Police Department, Pomeroy Police Department, Lake City Police Department, Rockwell City Police Department, and the Calhoun County Sheriff Department and dispatch recently participated in an active shooter training at the William G. Smith Simulation Center. 

Three different scenarios were provided to them with teams of three participating in each scenario. The following are the three scenarios that were held:

Scenario One: An Office building. Secretary has been shot and calls 911. Shooter is still on scene and is holding a hostage. Once officers enter scene, hostage screams and runs away from shooter. Shots are fired at officers and they return fire, killing the threat. They must clear the rest of the rooms before treating the secretary who has been shot in the arm and needs a tourniquet placed. She is then taken to the ambulance.

Scenario Two: Shooter takes doctor hostage in hospital. Injured nurse calls 911. 15 dead in hospital beds and in hallways. One walking/uninjured. One baby crying in nursery. Hostage is let go, shooter is eventually killed.

Scenario Three: School shooting. Active shooter still on scene. Gunshots and screaming can be heard throughout building. Teacher uninjured in classroom with students called 911. Five teachers in classrooms with students. (three students are injured) seven dead adults in hallways. Shooter is disarmed. Classrooms cleared. Wounded escorted to ambulance. Non injured run from rooms with hands above heads per swat instructions.

Gun powder and burnt flesh scent sprays, sounds of screaming, sounds of gun fire, and ambulance lights were used in each scenario to help heighten senses.

A special thanks to the Messenger staff, the Criminal Justice program for allowing us to use their weapons and protective gear, our standardized patients and staff for helping make this a successful learning experience, and the Calhoun County Sheriff’s department for allowing us to help provide training for law enforcement in the surrounding communities.

Images from the training can be found at

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