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Honors Program Enriches Students' Education

    by Iowa Central Information
    Posted on 9/30/2019

Fort Dodge, IA - Iowa Central Community College’s Honors Program is a highly esteemed program within the college that aims to allow exceptional undergraduate scholars to reach their full potential through innovative educational opportunities and personally enriching experiences. Designed to challenge students intellectually, those in the program will explore advanced topics, gain relevant experience, and expand their worldview.

While at Iowa Central, students can take advantage of program benefits, many of which follow the students beyond college. Once an individual is accepted as an honors student, they will have the opportunity to receive merit-based Honors Tuition awards, participate in program-related extra-curricular activities, and other prestigious privileges.

Another benefit of the program is the recognition of participating as an honors scholar. Notation of Honors degree and Honors course credits are a reflection on transcripts; this allows for increased transfer opportunities to 4-year honors programs. Iowa Central honor students will not only leave with an enhanced resume, but will have increased job opportunities too.

“The success of each our students, in and out of the classroom, is of the utmost importance to us,” said Dr. Dan Kinney, President of Iowa Central Community College. “When creating the honors program I wanted to be sure it was set up to enrich and expand the education for every outstanding student here. We also want to be sure that they develop a more well-rounded sense of community, responsibility, humanity, and civility,” Nicole Fusco, Honors Program Coordinator and Science Instructor.

For Iowa Central students to be considered for the program, they have to meet particular requirements which include specific GPAs, ACT scores, letters of recommendation, and more. The full application process is listed online; December 1st is the application deadline for the 2020 Spring Semester.

For more information about Iowa Central’s Honors Program, please visit or contact Nicole Fusco at

I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends and hanging out with them from other states or countries that come and learn at Iowa Central.

Ian Oliver
Criminal Justice
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