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Art Show Winners Announced

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 12/14/2012

FORT DODGE - The winners of the Iowa Central College Art show were announced Thursday evening at an open reception. Students in Iowa Central visual arts classes had their works on display from December 6-13 in the Triton Art Gallery in the foyer of Decker Auditorium.

Students were judged in five categories: Design, Photography, Drawing, Painting and Ceramics. In addition to the five categories, Melissa Gordon, Samantha Lennon, George Briese and Crystal Parish were recognized for being outstanding students in the visual art classes.


  1. Metzo Sight, Rachel Smith
  2. Pain, Grace Kiefer
  3. Chaos, Crystal Parish

    Honorable Mention
  1. White Water, Amanda McCallon
  2. Cast Away, Tasha Durnell
  3. Circle of Life, Crystal Parish


  1. Alison, Kami Paulsen
  2. Three Chairs, LeeAnn Dunn
  3. Bubble Leaf, Robin Vit
  4. Glass Horizon, Tasha Durnell

    Honorable Mention
  1. Cinema, Cindy Bush
  2. Broken, Angela Sande
  3. Water Leaf, Nicole Miller
  4. Color Wheel, Alyssa Carlson
  5. Mountain Pass, Gabriella Varricchio


  1. Lying Down, DJ Robinson
  2. Sal, Cord McMahon
  3. Reflection, Samantha Lennon
  4. Inner Beauty, Nathan West

    Honorable Mention
  1. Glancing Hands, Sydney Miller
  2. Take Another Look, Crystal Parish
  3. Black & White Trike, Edvardo Matias
  4. Night Junk, George Briese
  5. All the Kings Horses, Travis Montag


  1. Untitled, Olivia Jondle
  2. Abstract Flower, Jennifer Tegor
  3. Glendabough, Fiona McKenna
  4. Untitled, Melissa Gordon

    Honorable Mention
  1. Danielle Deason, Danielle Deason
  2. LOL, Niawarga Yien
  3. Butterfly, Abigail Larson
  4. Shannon, Shannon Warrington


  1. Morning Wood, Jessica Furman
  2. Fuoca, Madi Schachtner
  3. Sole Food, Jessica Furman
  4. Raku Bustias, Melissa Gordon

    Honorable Mention
  1. Smoked Dress, Kelsey Olson
  2. Stigma, Kate Adams
  3. Polychromatic, Kelsey Olson
  4. Lophelia, Enca Hinners