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Nursing Students Excel on NCLEX

    by Josh Sandin
    Posted on 2/12/2013

FORT DODGE – The students in the Iowa Central nursing program took the annual National Council of Licensure Exam (NCLEX) and produced some excellent results. In total, 141 students took the exam for the first time and 132 passed for a sparkling 93.6 percent pass rate.

“We are very proud of how our students performed,” said Iowa Central’s Dean of Health Sciences Trina Staton. “The students know that our classes are very rigorous for a reason. We want to get them ready for the nursing profession.”

Both the Practical Nursing (PN) and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) students took the exams. A total of 42 PN students took the exam and 41 passed for a 97.6 percent pass rate. Ninety-nine ADN students took the exam and 91 passed for a 91.9 percent pass rate.

Compared to the rest of the state and national averages, Iowa Central was again impressive. The PN pass rate average for students taking the exam in Iowa was 94.83 percent and the national average was 84.23 percent. The ADN average for Iowa was 90.24 percent and the national average was 90.34 percent. Iowa Central’s students outperformed both the state and national averages.

“I think the results show that our program is getting the students prepared very well,” said Staton.

The NCLEX is the exam that anyone entering the nursing field must pass before they can receive a license to work. The test is reviewed every three years and changed to meet the evolving technology of the field. The exams feature multiple choice questions in addition to audio and visual analysis and short answer questions.


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